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Special Edition
			Science Frontier Tsukuba 2004
			Science and Life: Frontier of Research Challenging the Unknown
On November 14, 2004, Japanese and foreign specialists took part in Science Frontier Tsukuba, held at Tsukuba University. Hosted by the Tsukuba Science Academy, the meeting featured discussions of leading-edge research and technology. It was an opportunity to establish concrete joint research programs among international scientists working in various space-related fields.
			The meeting was very successful, thanks to passionate and eye-opening lectures and discussions. We have created this page for the benefit of all those who could not attend the meeting.
			We would like to express our appreciation to the scientists who kindly permitted us to carry their lectures on this site.
			-- JAXA Web Site Editorial Department
Lecture 1
Chiaki Mukai
Astronaut, JAXA
When I returned to Earth, the fact that objects did fall to the ground was just phenomenal to me. Lecture 2
Bruce Murray
Professor Emeritus,
California Institute of Technology
[The Mars probe] Opportunity found, for the first time in history, credible evidence for the past existence of water and the possibility that there might have been an environment in which microorganisms could survive. Eiichi Takahashi Photo Takeshi Naganuma photo Panel Discussion Photo Chiaki Mukai Photo Bruce Murray Photo Lecture 3
Eiichi Takahashi 
Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Tokyo Institute of Technology
I want to predict the level of the evolution of living organisms on distant planets by studying their atmospheric spectrum. Lecture 4
Takeshi Naganuma
Associate Professor, Biosphere Sciences
Hiroshima University
My identity is contained not in my physical self, but in the pattern of the vortex of life. Panel Discussion
Space and Life: Frontier of Research Challenging the Unknown
Bruce Murray, Professor Emeritus, California Institute of Technology
Chiaki Mukai, Astronaut, JAXA
Eiichi Takahashi, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Takeshi Naganuma, Associate Professor, Hiroshima University
Yuichi Takayanagi, Public Relations Advisor, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, and Professor, University of Electro-Communications
Reona Ezaki, Chairman, Tsukuba Science Academy