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Space Education by JAXA - Fostering Young Hearts and Minds -

The JAXA Space Education Center was founded in 2005 to promote space science across Japan. Space education has just begun to take off across the nation, and the Center is playing a key role. The Space Education Center teaches children about space directly, and also supports space education in schools and trains teachers. We spoke to some of JAXA's collaborators - a schoolteacher, people from social organizations that promote education, and the private sector - about the significance and attraction of space education.

Space Education Enriches Children's Heart Hideo Nakamura Director, JAXA Space Education Center FULL STORY

Space School for a Bright Future for Children Sumio Endo Director, KU-MA (Kodomo Uchu Mirai Association) FULL STORY

Developing Children's Interest in Science Koichi Otsuka Planner of Cosmic College: the Discovery Kids Science Experiment Museum FULL STORY

Helping create dreams of space Reiko Yasukawa, Head Teacher, Kudan Secondary School in Chiyoda-ku FULL STORY