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Our Missions - Introduction by JAXA Project Managers
Many projects are currently going on at JAXA.
All the project managers talk about the attraction and future of their missions.
Launch Vehicles and Space Transportation Systems
H-IIA Launch Vehicle Project
Jiro Kochiyama
M-V Launch Vehicle Project
Yasuhiro Morita
H-II Transfer Vehicle Project
Hidehiko Nakayasu
LNG Propulsion System Flight Demonstration Project
Yoshihiko Torano

International Space Station (ISS) and Human Space Exploration
Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Project
Yoshiyuki Hasegawa
Centrifuge Project
Kuniaki Shiraki
Earth Observation, Communication, Positioning and Satellites
Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) Project
Kenji Tomioka
Engineering Test Satellite VIII (ETS-VIII) Project
Masanori Homma
Optical Inter-orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite (OICETS) Project
Katsuyoshi Arai
Wideband InterNetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite (WINDS) Project
Yasuo Nakamura
Greenhouse gas Observing SATellite (GOSAT) Project
Takashi Hamazaki
Global Precipitation Measurement/Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar (GPM/DPR) Project
Masahiro Kojima
Space Technology Demonstration Research Center "Micro-LabSat"
Hidekazu Hashimoto
Space Science Research
Highly Advanced Laboratory for Communications and Astronomy "HALCA" (MUSES-B) Project
Hisashi Hirabayashi
Asteroid Sample-return Spacecraft "HAYABUSA" (MUSES-C) Project
Junichiro Kawaguchi
Lunar Exploration Satellite "LUNAR-A" Project
Takashi Nakajima
Scientific Satellite "ASTRO-EII" Project
Hajime Inoue
SELenological and ENgineering Explorer "SELENE" Project
Yoshisada Takizawa
Solar Physics Satellite "SOLAR-B" Project
Takeo Kosugi
Venusian Exploration Mission "PLANET-C" Project
Masato Nakamura
Mercury Exploration Mission "BepiColombo"
Hiroshi Yamakawa
Infrared Imaging Satellite "ASTRO-F" Project
Hiroshi Murakami
Reusable Rocket Vehicle Testing Team
Yoshifumi Inatani
Scientific Balloon Center
Takamasa Yamagami

Space and Aeronautic Engineering Research
Advanced Aircraft Technology Center "National Experimental Supersonic Transport (NEXST)" Project
Keiichi Hirako
Advanced Aircraft Technology Center: "Technological Development for High-Performance Small-Sized Aircraft" Project
Jiro Nakamichi
Air Safety Technology Center "Air Safety" Project
Tetsuhiko Ueda
Aeronautical Application Technology Center "Stratospheric Platform (SPF)" Project
Toru Shimizu
Future Space Transportation Research Center "Reusable Space Transportation Systems" Project
Masao Shirouzu
Space Propulsion Research Center: Air Breathing Engine for Space Transportation
Nobuo Chinzei
Space Propulsion Research Center: Advanced Rocket Engine Technology
Masataka Nosaka
Advanced Mission Research Center: Space Energy (Solar Power) Utilization System
Masahiro Mori
Wind Tunnel Technology Center: Wind Tunnel Utilization Technology
Masashi Shigemi
Information Technology Center: Unified Aerospace Simulation System
Toshiyuki Iwamiya
Advanced Composite Evaluation Technology Center
Takashi Ishikawa
Aeroengine Testing Technology Center
Kazuo Suzuki
Flight Test and Simulation Technology Center
Takatsugu Ono