A New Stage in Japanese Space TransportationJAXA is developing a new large-scale launch vehicle, the H-IIB, which is an upgraded version of the H-IIA launch vehicle. Its first launch, scheduled for 2009, will lift into space the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), which is designed to deliver supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). With the cutting-edge technology of the H-IIB and the HTV, Japan is ready to make a great leap forward in the coming space era.The H-IIB Launches a New Rocket Era in Japan Jiro Kochiyama Executive Director, Space Transportation Mission Directorate, JAXAH-IIB Launch Vehicle: Designed for World-Class Launch Capability Tomihisa Nakamura H-IIB Launch Vehicle Project ManagerThe Next Step in Japan's Space Development Tomohiko Goto, H-IIB Launch Vehicle Project Manager, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.HTV: An Indispensable Part of ISS Operations Yoshihiko Torano Project Manager, HTV Project Team