Research on Aeronautical Technology Aeronautical Science and Basic Technology Research

Aeronautical Science and Basic Technology Research

To create new technology for the future

The Aeronautical Technology Directorate has important responsibilities, including conducting basic research, to create new technology for the future as well as researching fundamental technologies such as improving common technologies for test and analysis.
In order to support not only the aviation field but also other JAXA projects such as the space sector and the industrial sector, we promote basic and fundamental research including on aerodynamics, materials and structure, numerical analysis and flight dynamics. We also maintain and improve Japan’s leading large-scale test and research facilities, and support tests and research using an aircraft for experiments. By doing so, we can create scientific and technical knowledge while improving our global leading test and analysis capacity to provide opportunities for other people and parties to utilize our assets as our common property.

Application examples of Aeronautical Science and Basic Technology Research

Transonic wind tunnel

JAXA’s 2 m x 2 m transonic wind tunnel is one of Japan’s leading wind tunnel test facilities, and it has been used for most of Japan’s aircraft development programs.

Experimental aircraft "Hisho"

The experimental aircraft "Hisho" is a flying test bed that has lately been introduced for flight verification and it is useful for verifying some research and development results while it is actually airborne.

R&D on heat resistant composite

Research and development has been progressing for a heat-resistant composite that can tolerate over 1600 degrees Celsius with the objective of applying such a composite to engine parts or future aerospace insulation systems.