Launch of KAGUYA/H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 13 Launch of KAGUYA/H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 13 Top

JAXA Broadcast Program

JAXA Broadcast Program

JAXA is providing a live report of the launch of the Lunar explorer "KAGUYA (SELENE)"/H-IIA F11 from a studio at Tanegashima with JAXA employees' comments.

1 hour to liftoff
  • Opening/ Greeting from the navigators
  • Launch site operation status, weather conditions
  • Live status report with the introductory movie "Outline of the Lunar explorer "KAGUYA (SELENE)" and other images with explanatory comments
6 minutes to liftoff
Countdown Live Report
  • Live report from the Range Control Center (RCC) and the countdown voice from the Blockhouse
  • Images of the H-IIA F13 and Launch Pad from ground cameras
  • Tracking images of the H-IIA F13 by ground cameras
  • H-IIA F13 flight status report (with flight trajectory map compiled by a computer)
  • Recorded images of the launch
45 minutes after liftoff
KAGUYA Separation
  • Recorded images of the launch
  • Ending
1 hour after liftoff End

*The broadcast time schedule is subject to change due to the operation status, weather conditions and other factors on the launch day.

Introduction to Commentators

The following JAXA employees will be your navigators.

Navigator: Hiroyuki Iwamoto
Industrial Collaboration Department

The "KAGUYA" is a fully fledged lunar orbiter. This mission is attracting global attention. I will strive to report the fascination of the "KAGUYA and the dynamism of the H-IIA launch in a realistic manner.
A new Moon era is about to begin. Don't miss the live broadcast to witness this historic event!

Technical commentator: Tatsuaki Okada
Associate Professor, Department of Planetary Science

Ten years have already passed since I was involved in the development of onboard instrument for the "KAGUYA (SELENE.)" The KAGUYA, which was constructed by JAXA, several universities and other manufacturers, is finally ready for the long awaiting launch by the H-IIA F13. I will try to explain in a simple manner details about the "KAGUYA," which is the most sophisticated lunar obiter in history with 15 onboard experiments, as well as the mystery of the Moon, which is KAGUYA's observation target.

Reporter: Yurika Inoue
General Administration Division, Tanegashima Space Center

I will report on the dynamic launch of the H-IIA with the KAGUYA onboard from the Tanegashima Space Center (TNSC), as I did in the past.
From the TNSC to the Moon! Please look forward to my report!