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Firstly, I feel that space activities are expected to help save people from environmental and energy crises on Earth. We would like to utilize Japan’s world-class Earth observation technology more and more to scientifically understand our home planet.

Secondly, it is also important to secure people’s lives, and to further improve the quality of life by making it more convenient and enriched. We would like to make efforts to promote recognition that the results of space development have already enhanced our daily lives. In addition, we would like to nurture manufacturing technologies further in Japan to expand their usages in our daily lives.

Thirdly, I would like Japanese intelligence to distinguish itself globally, while at the same time answer the curiosity of people worldwide by continuing observations and probe activities into space and the solar system. Japanese space science has already played a leading role in the world, especially in the areas of X-ray astronomy, such as studies of black holes or supernova, studies of plasma around the earth and the sun, and radio astronomy. We are hoping to become a "brain for the world" by adding infrared astronomy and moon and planet probes to Japanese space science.

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