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Sharing Experiences Will Help Disaster Management in the Asia Pacific Region
Supakit Phopapapan
Director, Information Technology Center
Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Thailand
Satellite data is crucial in disaster management because it can be collected and distributed very swiftly. Based on satellite data, we can issue warnings and also analyze the extent of the damage. We can use the data not only in relief efforts but also to calculate the economic damage. Another advantage is that the data can be very useful in preventing the disaster from spreading to neighboring regions.

We'd like to be able to send the necessary satellite data immediately to disaster-hit regions. In this sense, the Sentinel Asia system will greatly contribute to disaster management. But for Sentinel Asia to function effectively, we need to provide information on how to use the system. Disaster management personnel of member countries need to share their knowledge and experience in using the system.

Sentinel Asia has a warning system that sends information to all member countries when disaster strikes a certain region. If we can make it a rule for a disaster-hit country to warn other countries immediately through Sentinel Asia, the other countries can take action based on that information, which will be very effective in disaster prevention for the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. Natural disasters can transcend borders, so information on neighboring regions is crucial for each country to take necessary measures in disaster management.