KOUNOTORI2/H-IIB Launch Veicle No.2 Special Site

Countdown Report on Twitter

The countdown report of the KOUNOTORI2/H-IIB F2 was provided through Twitter.

HTV2 "KOUNOTORI2" Separation: The separation of the KOUNOTORI2 (HTV2) was confirmed. This is the end of the Countdown report. #HTV_2

2:54 PM Jan 22nd via web

Liftoff! JAXA launched H-IIB F2 with HTV2 onboard at 14:37 p.m. on Jan. 22, 2011 (JST) from Tanegashima Space Center. #HTV_2

2:38 PM Jan 22nd via web

Third Go/No Go: The green light was given to the X-60 (T-60) minutes terminal countdown operations. #HTV_2

1:40 PM Jan 22nd via web

Second Go/No Go: After confirming all conditions, we are "Go" for propellant loading. Preparation for loading starts soon. #HTV_2

4:58 AM Jan 22nd via web

H-IIB F2 arrived at the launch pad: H-IIB arrived at LP2. Connection bet. H-IIB and LP2 started. #HTV_2

11:52 PM Jan 21st via web

H-IIB F2 to the launch pad: H-IIB on the ML is moving from VAB to LP2, 400 meters taking 30 minutes. #HTV_2

11:04 PM Jan 21st via web

First Go/No Go Decision: After checking weather conditions, we are “Go” for the transportation of H-IIB from VAB to LP2. #HTV_2

8:23 PM Jan 21st via web