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EXPO 2005 Morizo-Kiccoro Messe Final Event Our Future in Space: Japan Explores the Universe

September 8, 2005 (JST)

Japan Association for the EXPO 2005 World Exposition
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Japan Association for the EXPO 2005 World Exposition and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are pleased to present the final event of EXPO 2005 at Morizo-Kiccoro Messe. This exhibit, Our Future on Earth and in Space: Japan Explores the Universe, is co-hosted by the two organizations and will be held from September 17 to 25.

EXPO 2005 is the first world exposition based on the theme "Nature's Wisdom." We have approached this theme from various points of view throughout the exposition, which has welcomed more then 18 million visitors since it opened last March. We are certain that this theme will be taken up in different scientific fields from now on, so that the Earth will continue to be a place where we can coexist with all other living things.

One such field is space. By observing the Earth from space, we have acquired new perspectives that will help us understand and solve current global environmental problems. At the same time, we are investigating the mysteries surrounding the origins of the universe, the solar system and life, by expanding our research into celestial bodies beyond the Earth.

To ensure that this research continues to thrive in the future, it is important to introduce children to space activities as early as possible. That's why many activities and exhibits at EXPO 2005 have been designed for young visitors. This final event of EXPO 2005 aims to nurture children's imagination and curiosity about space, in order to encourage them to think about life and the global environment from a broader perspective.

At this exhibition, visitors will experience the latest fruits of Japan's space program. They will see full-scale engineering models of the Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS), with its 27-metre solar array paddle, and the asteroid explorer Hayabusa, which is equipped with precision observation equipment. ALOS is to be launched within the next year, while Hayabusa is expected to reach the asteroid Itokawa in mid-September.

We will also display a model of the International Space Station, of which Japan is a participating member, as well as items related to the recent Space Shuttle Discovery mission, which included Japanese Astronaut Soichi Noguchi.

In addition, Japanese astronauts, along with domestic and international scientists, will give lectures on space-related topics and demonstrate the latest space suits.

Finally, this exhibition will serve as one of the events of Space Day 2005, exhibiting prize-winning Space Day compositions and artwork by Japanese elementary and junior high school students.

Brief Summary of the Morizo-Kiccoro Messe Final Event

  • Title:
    Our Future on Earth and in Space: Japan Explores the Universe

  • Period:
    September 17 to 25, 2005 (9 days)

  • Opening Hours:
    09:00 to 21:00

  • Venue:
    Morizo-Kiccoro Messe (Play and Participation Zone)

  • Hosts:
    • Japan Association for the EXPO 2005 World Exposition
    • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
  • Main Exhibits:
    • Advanced Land Observing Satellite ALOS (full-scale ground-test model)
    • Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa (full-scale ground-test model)
    • International Space Station (scale model)
    • M-V Rocket used to launch Hayabusa (scale model)
    • H-IIA Rocket, used to launch ALOS (scale model)
    • Space suits (including those for space shuttle extra-vehicular activities, and next-generation lunar and Mars exploration)
  • Lectures (To Be Confirmed)
    • Matthew Golombek, science operations team chair on NASA's twin Mars Exploration Rovers (Opportunity, Spirit), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    • Thomas Farr, Radar Sciences Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    • Hideyo Kunieda, science working group leader for the Suzaku project; professor, Department of Science, University of Nagoya
    • Yasunori Matogawa, Director of Space Education Centre, JAXA
    • JAXA Hayabusa scientists
    • JAXA ALOS scientists
    • JAXA manned space activities researchers and engineers
  • Stage Events:
    • Video about ALOS and Hayabusa (screening every hour, 13 times a day)
    • Space suit demonstrations
    • Lectures by international guests
    • Lectures by JAXA officials
  • Admission:
    • Free admission (no advance reservation necessary)
    • Admission may be restricted in case of overcrowding
    • Numbered tickets may be distributed each day, depending on the special lecture program.
  • Contact Information:
    • Japan Association for the EXPO 2005 World Exposition
      • Public Relations and Advertising Group (Kato/Nakata) Tel: 0561-61-7302
      • Project Supervision Office (Kawakami/Tsuruya/Shibuya) Tel: 0561-61-7493
    • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
      • Public Affairs Department Tel: 03-6266-6413, 6414, 6415, 6416

For inquiries:
JAXA Public Affairs Department
Tel: +81-3-6266-6413 to 7, Fax: +81-3-6266-6910