Press Release


We will deliver your name and message to the Moon
-SELENE "Wish upon the Moon" Campaign-
Closing Day Extended

January 26, 2007 (JST)

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is conducting the above special campaign to enhance people's interest in the moon and to make people feel more familiar with the lunar orbiter "SELENE," which is scheduled to be launched by an H-IIA Launch Vehicle from Tanegashima Space Center in the summer of 2007.  As we have been receiving may names and messages, we would like to offer this opportunity to more people.  Therefore, we decided to extend our closing day for this campaign by one month.
Updated information on the campaign and some sample messages that we have received are listed below.

1. New period of the campaign
Between December 1 (Fri), 2006 and February 28 (Wed), 2007
The original closing day of January 31 (Wed), 2007 was extended to February 28 (Wed), 2007.

2. Some messages we have received
As of January 25, over 50,000 messages had been received from all over the world.  We would like to introduce some of them from celebrities.

-  Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut who was a lunar module pilot for Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing mission.)
   "Back to the Moon and on to Mars"
- Mr. Ray Bradbury (Mystery writer)
   "Beyond the moon, Mars beckons"
- Mr. Takeshi Okada (Former manager of the Japanese National Soccer Team)
   "Hope the earth becomes a star on which children can live happily."
- Ms. Yuko Arimori (Marathon runner)
   "Please spread  the charm of the moon, which illuminates the world!"
- Astronaut Mamoru Mouri
   "Earth, MAHOROBA (an old Japanese word meaning "Paradise")"
- Astronaut Takao Doi
   "Head for space!"
- Astronaut Souichi Noguchi
   "Create a future in which children can have dreams."

Other than the above, the following people support the campaign:  Mr. Reiji Matsumoto (cartoonist), Mr. Shinji Morisue (former Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics), Mr. Masahiro Kawai (coach of the Chunichi Dragons pro baseball team), Mr. Hiroshi Aoshima (pianist), and Sakana-Kun (or Mr. Fish who is famous for his abundant knowledge of fish.)

3. About The Campaign
Your names and messages will be engraved on sheets and attached to the satellite.  The SELENE will be injected into the lunar orbit about one month after liftoff.

(1) To Apply
- Please send us your name and message to be loaded on the SELENE.
- The length of one's name must be within 20 letters and the message within 40 letters.
- You can send only your name.
- We may publish your message on JAXA's web page or send it to the media to help promote the campaign without informing you, so please understand this upon applying.
- This campaign targets not only Japanese or American audiences but people all over the world in cooperation with The Planetary Society of Japan and The Planetary Society (U.S.A)

(2) How to apply
1) Internet
 Go to the Campaign special site on the JAXA website (URL:
2) Pre-paid reply postcard (Japanese Only)
Please write the following on the postcard.

  • Name and message that will be onboard the SELENE, your address, name, age, gender, and telephone number.
  • On the reply card, your zip code, address, and name. (We will send you back the reply side as confirmation.)
  • The postcard can be sent to:
    SELENE "WISH UPON THE MOON" Campaign Office
    Japan Space Forum
    2-2-1, Shin Otemachi Bldg. 7F
    Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004, Japan

* Your personal information will be used solely for the campaign under JAXA control. Except for cases where its disclosure is required under applicable laws and regulations, we will disclose your personal information only to campaign-related parties, and NOT to any third party without your permission.

(3) For inquiries
 Japan Space Forum
 SELENE "WISH UPON THE MOON" Campaign Secretariat
  Address: 2-2-1, Shin Otemachi Bldg. 7F, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-004, Japan
  Tel: +81-3-5200-1309 (between 9:15 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on weekdays Japan Standard Time)

For inquiries:
JAXA Public Affairs Department
Tel: +81-3-6266-6413 to 7, Fax: +81-3-6266-6910