Press Release


Launch Day of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 17
(H-IIA F17)

March 3, 2010 (JST)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) would like to announce that the launch of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 17 (H-IIA F17) with the Venus Climate Orbiter "AKATSUKI" (PLANET-C) onboard was reported to the Space Activities Commission (SAC) as follows.
We will also provide orbit injection opportunities for the Small Solar Power Sail Demonstrator "IKAROS" and four small payloads manufactured by universities and other institutions using the excessive launch capability of the H-IIA F17.

Scheduled date of Launch : May 18 (Tuesday,) 2010 (Japan Standard Time)
Launch time : 6:44:14 a.m. (Japan Standard Time)
Launch Windows : May 19 (Wed.) through June 3 (Thu.), 2010
*Launch time will be set for each launch day if the launch is delayed.
Launch site : Yoshinobu Launch Complex at the Tanegashima Space Center