Press Release


Space Poem Chain Volume 4

October 6, 2010 (JST)

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has been composing a link of poems called "Space Poem Chain" every year for three years between 2006 and 2009. We would like to begin composing the fourth link, and your participation is welcomed.

As the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" has been completed, Japan's manned space activity era has started on a full scale. In addition to scientific and technological activities, JAXA would like to actively spur cultural and educational applications. As part of our efforts, we are conducting a composition of Space Poem Chains.
For three years between 2006 and 2009, many people participated in the space poem chain composition project including through school class activities and at a local planetarium. Consequently, space poem chain activities have gradually become well known to the world.

Today, we have revealed the first three poems of the Space Poem Chain Vol. 4 (please refer to Attachment-1) on our Space Poem Chain Website. We would like to ask people to compose a poem for the next volumes.

The first poem was written by Astronaut Sohichi Noguchi while he stayed at the International Space Station for a prolonged period of time. The second was by the poet Mizuki Misumi, while the third was also by a poet, Ryoko Shindo.

Under the supervision of Ryoko Shindo, we will compose a link of 24 poems by combining both contributed poems and selected ones from public entries (selection will be carried out by the poet Kiwao Nomura.) The Space Poem Chain Vol. 4 is slated to be completed on March 4 (Fri.,) 2011. The Poem Chain will be recorded on a DVD to be loaded onto the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" in Japan Fiscal Year 2011.

  1. Period of composition
    Between October 6 (Wed.), 2010, through March 4 (Fri.), 2011
    For a more detailed schedule of the deadline for each poem, please refer to Attachment-2 (schedule.)
  2. To enter
    Please go to the following Space Poem Chain website, and send your poem. To enter, please read through and agree on our application rules before participating in the event.
    Space Poem Chain website:
  3. Schedule
    Please refer to Attachment-2.
Space Environment Utilization Center, Human Space System and Utilization Mission Directorate
Space Poem Chain
E-mail: (Please be aware that this e-mail address is only for inquiries and NOT for sending poems.)
FAX: + 81-29-868-3956 (Please be aware that this number is NOT for sending poems.)

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Space Poem Chain Vol. 4

The 1st link

Many different kinds of creatures
dwell on Earth
Earth is blue is beautiful
Because it is alive
it is blue and beautiful to our eyes

NOGUCHI Sohichi, astronaut

The 2nd link

Colors, breaths, and feelings overflow this star
and yet---just think---the skies above are never ending!
And as for me, I've only just begun

MIZUKI Misumi, poet

The 3rd link

My own heart beating telling me I'm alive
Knowing our years end in a trice
A shiver as I stand on the path through the fields bathed in moonlight
Forever! I whispered
I was so young

SHINDO Ryoko, poet

Space Poem Chain Vol. 4 Schedule
1st 5 lines Contribution1 Soichi Noguchi   Oct.6  
2nd 3 lines Contribution2 Mizuki Misumi  
3rd 5 lines Contribution3 Ryoko Shindo  
4th 3 lines Application1 Oct.11 Oct.15  
5th 5 lines Application2 Oct.18 Oct.22  
6th 3 lines Application3 Oct.25 Oct.29  
7th 5 lines Contribution4 Janine Beichman Nov.01 Nov.05  
8th 3 lines Application4 Nov.08 Nov.12  
9th 5 lines Application5 Nov.15 Nov.19  
10th 3 lines Application6 Nov.22 Nov.26  
11th 5 lines Contribution5 TBD Nov.29 Dec.03  
12th 3 lines Application7 Dec.06 Dec.10  
13th 5 lines Application8 Dec.13 Dec.17  
14th 3 lines Contribution6 TBD Dec.20 Dec.24  
15th 5 lines Application9 Jan.10 Jan.14  
16th 3 lines Application10 Jan.17 Jan.21  
17th 5 lines Application11 Jan.24 Jan.28  
18th 3 lines Contribution7 Setsuo Yazaki Jan.31 Feb.04  
19th 5 lines Application12 Feb 07 Feb 11  
20th 3 lines Application13 Feb.14 Feb.18  
21st 5 lines Application14 Feb.21 Feb.28  
22nd 3 lines Contribution8 TBD Feb.28 -  
23rd 5 lines Contribution9 TBD - -  
24th 3 lines Contribution10 Kiwao Nomura - Mar.04