Press Release


New JAXA Philosophy and Corporate Slogan

October 9, 2013 (JST)

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) marked its 10th anniversary on October 1, 2013. Our business environment has been drastically changing as the law concerning JAXA has been revised and the new Basic Plan on Space Policy defines JAXA as "the core organization that provides technical support for the entire governmental development and utilization of space projects."
Under such circumstances, JAXA's president led all-JAXA discussions to deliberate JAXA's activities and its role in order to keep contributing to society, then compiled a management philosophy and action declaration of the "new-born JAXA" for the "JAXA Philosophy" below.

[Management Philosophy]
To realize a safe and affluent society using space and the sky.
By utilizing leading technological developments, we will succeed and deliver our achievements along with broader wisdom to society.

[Action Declaration]
  1. Jubilation for human society
    We will provide enjoyment and surprise to people by evolving our lives.
  2. Aspiration for creation
    We will always aim for higher goals and continue to be aspired for creation by facing up to and overcoming any difficulties.
  3. Responsibility and pride
    We will faithfully act with responsibility and pride to confidently meet the expectations of society.
* The above management philosophy and action declaration in English are a tentative translation version, thus the original Japanese version shall take precedence if any inconsistency arises.

The above philosophy and declaration express our determination to make achievements that can steadily contribute to the development of society by always devoting ourselves to technological development as a leader in space and aviation areas while gathering domestic and international wisdom.

Along with the compilation of the above new JAXA philosophy, we decided on a new corporate slogan. Instead of our former slogan of "Reaching for the skies, exploring space", the following phrase has been selected. You can use the slogan with the JAXA logo as shown below.

The slogan "Explore to Realize" was selected by adopting the word "Explore" from the English name of our agency and also because "exploration" is JAXA's basic principle, then by reflecting our determination to become an organization of "realization," which is stipulated in the management philosophy of the new-born JAXA.