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The Future of Environmentally Friendly Aviation Technology: Clean Engines and Supersonic Transport
JAXA's Aviation Program Group aims to build safe, environmentally-friendly domestic passenger aircraft. It is conducting research and development to establish new manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge aviation technology. The results of the group's work are greatly anticipated in the face of accelerating global warming and new environmental regulations for greenhouse-gas reduction being set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Other notable research being conducted by the APG is in next-generation supersonic transport, which is also being studied in the United States and Europe after the retirement of the only existing supersonic passenger aircraft, the Concorde, in 2003. Maintaining Japan's only advanced test facilities in this area, JAXA is conducting research to develop environmentally compatible supersonic transport. The results thus far have been well received by researchers within and beyond Japan.
The following is an update from the Clean Engine Team, which is working on an engine with reduced noise and harmful emissions, and the Supersonic Transport Team, which is researching aircraft that will cross the Pacific Ocean in just five hours.

Takashi Ishikawa Photo
Leading Japan's Aviation Industry
Takashi Ishikawa Director, Aviation Program Group, JAXA
Hayashi Makita Yamane Photo
JAXA's Initiative for the Development of Clean Engine Technologies in Japan
Shigeru Hayashi Manager, Clean Engine Team, Aviation Program Group, JAXA Hayashi Photo
Makita Photo Mitsumasa Makida Associate Senior Researcher, Low-Emissions Technology Section, Clean Engine Team, Aviation Program Group, JAXA
Takashi Yamane Associate Senior Researcher, High Temperature Section, Clean Engine Team, Aviation Program Group, JAXA Yamane Photo
Ohnuki Makino Photo
For Fulfillment of Quiet Supersonic Passenger Aircraft
Takeshi Ohnuki Leader, Supersonic Transport Team, Aviation Program Group, JAXA Takeshi Ohnuki Photo
Yoshikazu Makino Photo Yoshikazu Makino Senior Researcher, Aerodynamic Design Technology Section, Supersonic Transport Team, Aviation Program Group, JAXA