Message from President of JAXA

JAXA President Monthly Regular Press Conference

Message from president of JAXA

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
President Naoki Okumura

To become a National Research and Development Agency

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Naoki Okumura, President

Since assuming my post in April 2013, I have perceived that JAXA has been at the "stage of moving to a new step for entering the unexperienced phase from the state of technological verification which JAXA has been engaged in." In that sense, I am working hard for a "new-born JAXA."
More precisely, we aim to open up a new era by developing and leading aerospace technologies, utilizing them for providing solutions to social problems as well as academic challenges, and creating definite values.

The new "Basic Plan on Space Policy" was drawn up in January 2015, and its goals are specified as "securing space safety and security," "promoting space utilization in the private sector," and "maintaining and enhancing the foundations of the space industry and scientific technology." While the role of JAXA, which is defined as "a core organization that provides technical support for the entire governmental development and utilization in space projects" in the policy, has become more and more important, JAXA takes a fresh step as the National Research and Development Agency.

We are striving for maximizing Japan's R&D achievements, which is the main purpose of setting up the National Research and Development Agency, not only by strengthening our R&D ability in the aerospace area but also through incorporating knowledge from various fields and openly operating our agency. JAXA has been constructing a system to broaden the application area of our technology and knowledge in diversified fields. For example, we concluded a cooperation agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Science and Technology Agencies (JST). As we are generating new values through developing and leading technologies and solving social problems, we will grasp the newly created values with broader prospects and further accelerate the values to respond to people's expectations.
Your continued support and understanding for JAXA's activities would be very much appreciated.

Naoki Okumura
(Written in April 2015)


Name: Naoki Okumura

President of JAXA, in April 2013.

He held a number of important posts in his career for over 30 years with Nippon Steel Corporation since he joined the corporation in 1973.

He was an Executive member of The Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP) from January 2007 to January 2013. He was Executive Vice President of Nippon Steel Corporation and Director of the corporation’s Technical Development Bureau from 2005 to 2007.
From 1999 to 2005, he was Director of Steel Research Laboratories. During that period, from 2003 to 2005, he was also appointed as Managing Director, Member of the Board. He became a Member of the Board of the Corporation in 1999.
In 1995, he was appointed as Research Director of Advanced Technology Research Laboratories. Previously from 1993 to 1995, he was Head of New Material Research Department of Advanced Technology and Research Laboratories.
He received his Doctor’s degree in Applied Physics from the University of Tokyo. From 1979 to 1981, he was a visiting fellow at Imperial College in London, the United Kingdom.