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Accident Investigation Status Report
In Japan, under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, there is an organization called the Space Activities Commission, which determines the direction of future space development. JAXA plays the main role in realizing the goals set by the commission.
After the H-IIA F6 accident, JAXA formed an Accident Investigation Team, which was overseen by the Space Activities Commission. The investigation team looked not only at technological issues but also at organizational structure. The commission held special meetings to develop recommendations to JAXA and to related manufacturing companies regarding their management and organization.

Progress Before Submission of Report
Post-accident to March
  • Analysis of flight data

  • Inspection demonstration and simulation analysis

  • Examination of the cause of abnormal phenomena using FTA
  •  *(Fault Tree Analysis)
  • Study of design improvements
  •    *One of the methods used to analyze safety and reliability of a system.
          It extracts cause by unfolding the sequence of a malfunction on a tree diagram.
    February 18 Combustion test using a life-size motor
    December 31
        to March 26
    Search for the failed solid
    June 9 9 Completion of the accident investigation status report

    To ensure reliable space development, the causes and process of any accident have to be explained. Though it took almost six months to complete the report, this was actually done faster than usual - a time period comparable to accident investigations in other countries.
    Over the six months, investigators developed hypotheses, ran tests using life-size equipment and computer analysis, and arrived at an explanation based on logic and technology.

    Space Activities Commission
    Investigation of the cause of the launch failure of H-IIA F6, and proposed countermeasures (Japanese only)
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