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Epsilon Opening the Path to the Future

Epsilon-1, the first of a new series of Japanese domestic solid-fuel rockets, was successfully launched on September 14, 2013. Epsilon has a revolutionary new feature: artificial intelligence – it’s the world’s first rocket with an automatic and autonomous self-monitoring system. In this section, we review the launch of Epsilon-1 and also introduce new features being developed for Epsilon-2.

Epsilon-1: Just the Beginning Project Manager, Epsilon Launch Vehicle Yasuhiro Morita FULL STORY

dummy Takayuki Imoto FULL STORY

Epsilon Technology: A Link to the Future Associate Professor, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA Responsible for Propulsion Systems and System Integration, Epsilon Rocket Project Team Shinichiro Tokudome FULL STORY

dummy Kyoichi Ui FULL STORY

The Anytime, Anywhere Rocket Associate Senior Engineer (Automatic and Autonomous Checkout System), Epsilon Rocket Project Team Kenichi Hirose FULL STORY

Building a Versatile Rocket Engineer (Launcher), Epsilon Rocket Project Team Tetsuya Ono FULL STORY