Attitudes towards the Environment: Chofu Aerospace Center

Environmental Policies

The Chofu Aerospace Center was established as an aerospace technology research center (National Aerospace Laboratory: NAL) in 1955 in a lush green area filled with natural beauty near the historic site of Jindaiji Temple in Chofu. It was then merged with two other organizations to become the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2003.

The surrounding area has been developing as a good-environment suburban residence, and our center is also working for environment-friendly technologies such as Japanese energy-saving low noise passenger aircraft and clean engines, by using our supersonic speed wind tunnel, engine test facility and super computer. Through our R&D and the operation of promotion activities, we contribute to maintaining a society that enables us to protect the Earth's environment and perform sustainable development, solve global environmental problems and boost environment improvement activities based on the JAXA philosophy and environment policy.

To fulfill our determination, the center would like to set up our environment policy here to work toward environment improving activities to avoid polluting nature and to use resources effectively. At the same time, we carry out "pollution prevention," "observing environment related laws and regulations" and "procuring products that inflict the least amount of stress as possible on the environment for our daily operation."

We especially emphasize the following points in our environment control system.

Tackling Earth environment problems

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Enhancing the control of chemical products (including toxic and poisonous substances)

Waste disposal

  • Industrial waste reduction and appropriate waste disposal

We set up “Environment activity objectives and goals” for specific activities toward the environment, and compiled an action plan and maintain it.
For its implementation, we educate our employees at the center, review our management, evaluate the environment control system regularly, and improve it routinely.
We post this environment policy at the Chofu Aerospace Center so that not only our employees but also visitors can read it.

Fumikazu Itoh
Director of the Chofu Aerospace Center
National Research and Development Agency
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
April 1, 2016