Space Transportation Systems

Launch vehicles are an important means of transportation that link Earth and outer space. Launch vehicles put into space communication and weather satellites, which have a direct impact on our quality of life, as well as astronomical-observation satellites and planetary-exploration satellites. Launch vehicles play an essential role in the assembly and supplying of the International Space Station. Currently, Japan has various kinds of launch vehicles to answer diversified launch needs.

Under Development

H3 Launch Vehicle

Safer, more useful, more accessible Supports future space applications Japan quality, global standard

In Operation

Epsilon Launch Vehicle

Lowering the hurdles to space

H-IIB Launch Vehicle

Opening the Door to Future Space Mission

H-IIA Launch Vehicle

High reliable and low cost H-IIA Launch vehicle opportunities to use space environment

S-310/S-520/SS-520(Sounding Rockets)

The pillar of Japan's space science

Operation Completed

H-II Transfer Vehicle "KOUNOTORI"(HTV)

Efficient Delivery of Supplies to the ISS via HTV