Public Relations

JAXA has been conducting various promotional and enlightening activities such as open-house events, town meetings and lectures to promote understanding and support for our activities and the current status of aerospace development.

Main Activities

JAXA invites the public to visit our space facility so that you can feel and touch the actual space R&D environment.

JAXA libraries collect specialized documents, books, and journals mainly in aerospace field and are open to the visitors.

JAXA has issued a magazine called "JAXA’s," and some of the contents are available in English.

Featuring hot topics at the Aeronautical Technology Directorate, our biannual magazine "FLIGHT PATH" introduces JAXA's R&D activities in aeronautical field with plain articles.

JAXA offers free e-mail news subscriptions.


Launch Sites and Field Centers

JAXA Pamphlet, JAXA Leaflet, etc.