Message from JAXA President

Message from JAXA President

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
YAMAKAWA Hiroshi, President

Challenging Space Frontiers

To incorporate the results of our R&D into the social system and continue to serve the public,
JAXA must continue to accumulate successes every year.
To implement our medium/long-term plan and fulfill our role,
I believe that JAXA should be an organization whose staff share the following five principles as we continue to challenge the frontiers of human knowledge:

  • Having a strong sense of contribution to Japan through space and aeronautics field;
  • Enhancing our capabilities in elements such as planning, R&D, project implementation, and organization management;
  • Taking pride in our endeavours in the exploration of space and aeronautics, and thus showing our international presence in this field;
  • Promoting space and aeronautics as an integral part of society by making it more valuable and closely involved with everyday life; and
  • Aiming diversity and maximizing the potential of individuals.

As the core implementing agency to support the Japanese government’s development and utilization of space with technology, we work with pride in challenging in space and aeronautics field.

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