Attitudes towards the Environment: Earth Observation Center

Environment Policy of Earth Observation Center


Earth Observation Center acknowledges importance of global environmental issues and implements environment-conscience activities such as reduction of CO2 emissions and prevention of pollution.

We apply Environmental Management System; set targets and periodically evaluate our achievement in order to improve our performance.

Outline of Our Business

Our primary tasks are:
to receive mission data from earth observing satellites,
to process, analyze and evaluate imageries by computer and
to distribute the data and imageries to users worldwide.

The data are utilized for the various fields and purposes, such as the solution to the environmental problems, disaster management and monitoring and exploration of natural resources. We enlighten people on global environmental awareness through these data.

Actions for the Environment

Earth Observation Center takes actions to prevent global warming, to prevent pollution on the earth and to contribute to global environmental issues.

⟨Prevention of Global Warming⟩

We combat global warming by reducing electricity and water consumption in response to greenhouse gas reduction.

⟨Prevention of Pollution on the Earth⟩

We strictly comply with environmental laws, related to water and soil contamination, and prevent the pollution in order to conserve natural environment and habitats for wildlife in Hatoyama town.

Management of Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy is posted at Earth Observation Center and shared with all stuff members. Our Environment Policy shall be distributed upon your request.

Tatsuya Fujisawa
Earth Observation Center
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency