Attitudes towards the Environment: Kagoshima Space Center

Environmental Policies

As a base for rocket launches and communication between rockets and satellites, the Kagoshima Space Center (KSC) will strive to improve the environment through its overall activities and recognizes the following items as the most important issues.

1. We will do our best to reduce the amount of resource/energy use by conducting efficient rocket launches through appropriate operation and maintenance of launch-related facilities and equipment.
2. During our business activities, we will place priority on reducing electricity usage in order to control emissions of CO2, NOx and Sox, as well as usage of Freon gas and its alternative gas that destroy the ozone layer, and promoting paperless in order to protect forest resources.
3. We will follow the law regarding all business activities and specifically try to manage industrial waste and chemical materials appropriately. In particular, we will conduct appropriate treatment of PCB-containing equipment within the legal deadline.

Michio Kawakami
Director of the Kagoshima Space Center
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
July 1, 2020