Attitudes towards the Environment: Kakuda Space Center

Environmental Policies


The Kakuda Space Center (KSPC) regards the Earth's environmental issues as very important, thus we contribute to the protection of the Earth's environment and the maintenance of a society capable of sustainable development. We will also place importance on communication between our stakeholders.

Operation Outline

The KSPC's main tasks are the research and development of engines to be used on the H-IIA, H-IIB and, H3 Launch Vehicles and a future space transportation system.

Environmental Preservation Activities

The KSPC is making efforts to conserve the Earth's environment through preventing pollution and global warming, protecting the ozone layer, etc. In this regard, the KSPC promises to follow regulations regarding the environment, as well as other requirements that the KSPC agreed to in order to prevent pollution. We also work on biodiversity preservation.

According to the above policies, the following are items that the KSPC is addressing as important areas.

Earth pollution prevention

  • We prevent water and soil contamination by properly controlling chemicals and waste according to pertinent laws. We also promote the 3Rs to effectively and efficiently use limited resources.

Prevention of global warming

  • We are reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Protection of the ozone layer

  • We are making efforts to control the emission of gases that deplete the ozone layer to protect it.

Preserving biodiversity

  • We are actively engaging in biodiversity preservation.

Operation of Environmental Management System

We create an implementation plan to continuously improve the environment after setting our objectives and goals for environmental management at the KSPC.
This environment management system will be regularly reviewed and revised through evaluation by executives.

The KSPC also informs our staff and related persons coming to our center of this policy by posting it at the Center. Upon request, we share this policy with the general public.

Makoto Yoshida
Director of the Kakuda Space Center
April 1, 2016