Attitudes towards the Environment: Tsukuba Space Center

Environmental Policies

The Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC) has been functioning as the core field center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which plays an essential and comprehensive role for Japanese space development and utilization. While we would like to contribute to resolving environmental problems and reducing the burden and stress on the environment through operations and activities at the TKSC, we would also like to continuously promote environmentally friendly activities based on the following policies.

1. To maintain an environment management system that conforms to ISO14001, and to regularly conduct a management review and an internal inspection in order to improve the environment continuously.
2. To evaluate the impact on the environment, and to have an environmental objective and target set by an each directorate/section of the TKSC for important issues in order to promote environmentally friendly activities.
3. To carry out environment control activities by considering the following points as important factors.
(1) Reducing CO2 emission through appropriately controlled energy use including daily energy saving operations for achieving JAXA's mid-term CO2 emission reduction plan target (8% reduction compared to the level of 2001 by the end of Japan Fiscal Year 2012.)
(2) Reducing resource consumption by promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle.)
(3) Reducing environmental burden and stress through “green procurement” and “green contract” when we procure things.
(4) Preventing contamination and environment-related accidents by appropriately managing chemical and waste materials.
4. To observe all environment-related rules and regulations.
5. To continuously review and improve our environment education in order to enhance the understanding and awareness of our employees toward the environment improvement plan.

This environmental policy is also displayed at the TKSC to inform our staff and all related personnel as well as the general public visiting our center. It is also available upon request.

Yuchi Miyachi
Director of the Tsukuba Space Center
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
June 6, 2012