Message from JAXA President

Message from JAXA President

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
YAMAKAWA Hiroshi, President

Reaching Space Frontiers

To incorporate the results of our R&D into the social system and continue to serve the public,
JAXA must continue to accumulate successes every year.
To implement our medium/long-term plan and fulfill our role,
I believe that JAXA should be an organization whose staff share the following five principles as we continue to challenge the frontiers of human knowledge:

  • Both as individuals and as members of society, we aim to create a workplace where people routinely greet one another, treat one another with consideration and respect, and share their ideas with one another in order to achieve our shared success.
  • Remembering that our work has a bearing on society at large, we will be mindful of how we can make contributions to Japan and its people as well as the international community through our endeavors in the aerospace arena.
  • As professionals in the field of aerospace, we will nurture our own potential for innovation and creativity, and will strive to improve our capacity for planning, research and development, project execution, and organizational management in order to bring our ideas to fruition.
  • We will challenge ourselves to work on aerospace initiatives with integrity while also being accountable for and taking pride in the contributions that our work makes to society. We will place importance on the small day-to-day advances while also maintaining a comprehensive and long-term perspective.
  • We will give back to society the wisdom and achievements borne of our efforts in the field of aerospace, and will combine them with other initiatives to contribute toward people's daily lives, economy, security as well as resolving global issues.

As the core implementing agency to support the Japanese government’s development and utilization of space with technology, we work with pride in challenging in space and aeronautics field.

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