Messages for Akatsuki

Support messages welcomed for AKATSUKI’s second bid to be injected into Venus' orbit on December 7

JAXA accepted support messages for the AKATSUKI between Nov. 5, 2015, thru Jan. 5, 2016. Thank you very much for your support.
Your continued support for the AKATSUKI is very much appreciated.

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William DiffinJan. 5, 2016 16:16

Your brilliant recovery of the Akatsuki spacecraft is an inspiration to all of us. Best wishes to you in all of your endeavours from Coventry, England.

isaJan. 4, 2016 04:39

Congratulations from Dahab, Sinai, Egypt. We in Egypt would love to send a lander to Venus...

UlrichDec. 26, 2015 05:02

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum erfolgreichen Manneuver aus Deutschland !

ClaudeRDec. 25, 2015 18:11

Very good job, JAXA! Thank you for your pictures and graphs. Please keep us informed about what you learn.
Thanks from Prades, French Pyrenees!

Mohammed Dec. 24, 2015 06:49

Congratulation !!! From Marrakech Morocco

Giovanni GentileDec. 21, 2015 06:30

Congratulations!!! From Cleveland, Ohio in United States.

AnonimooseDec. 21, 2015 05:37

Great job!!! Venus is my favorite planet! I can't wait for the data and discoveries!

Mark C.Dec. 18, 2015 22:57

Good Save at Planet Venus.

ScottCDec. 16, 2015 08:20

Good job, JAXA!! Post many, many pictures and graphs. Keep us informed about what you learn. Thanks!!

Alex in ChicagoDec. 16, 2015 04:23

Absolutely incredible feat of engineering ingenuity and perseverance! I wish the crew and the Robot Akatsuki the best in exploring our sister planet!

Quintanilha da SilvaDec. 14, 2015 03:10

Missão dada missão cumprida. Parabéns a toda equipe por este grande feito.

W. LeeDec. 14, 2015 02:54


Mike KivlehanDec. 12, 2015 16:41

Keep it rolling!

Paul WatsonDec. 12, 2015 14:47

Congratulations on the successful orbit and verification of some of the instrumentation functionality! My best wishes for success of the next phase, orbit correction and full instrument verification. I look forward to seeing and hearing of all the wonders that the Akatsuki team will surely discover.

Andy in MassachusettsDec. 12, 2015 04:04

Congratulations to Akatsuki and its team for an epic flight to Venus! The hard work of keeping the mission on track is inspiring. You deserve to be proud!

AnonymousDec. 12, 2015 00:43

Congrats. Love the perserverance and resourcefulness

GarrettDec. 11, 2015 23:04

Congratulations to JAXA/ISAS on an amazing piece of space navigation.

Joshua from LouisianaDec. 11, 2015 07:23

What an amazing feat! You all should be very proud. Your fellow citizens should be even more proud for such an outstanding display of skill, intelligence, hard work and dedication!

I will be telling my daughter this example of working as hard as one can and never giving up on a problem. Thank you for the great example!

Congratulations to you all! おめでとう!

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the results!

R. A.Dec. 11, 2015 05:05

Congratulations! Doing it once is a great achievement. Doing it twice is even bigger! May we have a lot of images, learn a lot about Venus poles and guess if someone, in the future, can send a probe to one of them. Greetings from Cali, Colombia!

agideDec. 11, 2015 01:19

E' un grande successo della tecnologia giapponese ed è un successo per scienziati ed uomini che hanno dato il meglio di se stessi per realizzare questa impresa. Un doppio successo in quanto -dopo un lancio ed un viaggio perfetto avvenuto cinque anni fa, ora gli scienziati giapponesi sono riusciti a recuperare l'obiettivo di una missione che sembrava perduta.

ChrisDec. 10, 2015 17:28

Incredible accomplishment. Wishing Akatsuki and team good luck from Colorado, USA

Chesterfield SaioDec. 10, 2015 15:56

Congratulations JAXA and the Akatsuki team. This is the best example of Japanese sincerity and tenacity. All the best in the days to come.

AnonymousDec. 10, 2015 14:58

Japanese probes do not surrender!

FranklinDec. 10, 2015 05:28

Congratulations to the team for an outstanding technical maneuver in overcoming the adversity of main engine problems and succeeding in the original goal! Now onto the long awaited scientific observations of our enigmatic sister planet!

dagDec. 9, 2015 23:42

Looking forward to finding out more about Earth's sister. Thank you Akatsuki team!
Hello from Canada eh!

AgentBDec. 9, 2015 09:51

Mighty Atasuki-san after a long and dangerous journey... thank you for the photo.

Time now to tell us a story about Venus.

Richreply for AgentBDec. 10, 2015 08:48

Awesome what a wild ride ! Congrats to JAXA and great to have the ONLY probe operating at Venus,


AnonymousDec. 9, 2015 08:04

Good grief. After an intense suspension in transit of the Sun, it is sureity-, is almost haveing been
gaurenteed...Logistical maneuvering is demanded...

D Martin - San Diego, CADec. 9, 2015 00:17

Congratulations to a dedicated and loyal team.

"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens."
— J. R. R. Tolkien

Daniel CazardDec. 8, 2015 21:17

Great news!
Thanks for the incredible work, everyone @ JAXA!


Alan QuinlanDec. 8, 2015 16:37

A remarkable achievement! Good luck to all involved in this project.

Mark SchellDec. 8, 2015 13:34

Talk about perseverance! Hope it works out, and all the best from a big space fan in Canada.

Paul WatsonDec. 8, 2015 13:19

I wish the Akatsuki team a great success. I hope to soon hear news of a successful and stable orbit and all instruments working as designed. In science there's no substitute for a good plan, show us what you've got!

JPRDec. 8, 2015 12:12

Great work! Something to celebrate in this years "bonenkai"! Omedetoo!

Marco GuerraDec. 8, 2015 10:43

congratulation, keep it science!!
regards from Brazil

David McBrideDec. 8, 2015 10:40

On behalf of my friend, Noriko, and on behalf of myself, Congratulations to Akatsuki and the whole JAXA team!

lajoswinklerDec. 8, 2015 05:44

Congratulations on a splendid mission from Croatia! I hope to see more real color images of this planet, no matter how bland they might be. :)

Chuck WindholtzDec. 8, 2015 04:38

Now that is grand scientific work and genius at its best. Congratulations to all involved.
May she reach her final goal and finish her assigned task.
.A Very Merry Christmas To All from North Bend, Ohio

Kawa Kamal - Budapest, HungaryDec. 8, 2015 04:29

Thank you Japan, thank you NASA, best wishes and good luck for Akatsuki. Waiting for more exciting news and results.

David WrightDec. 8, 2015 03:56

Well done! Such long term perseverance is greatly respected by this American fan.

НиколайDec. 8, 2015 03:05

Пусть удача не покинет миссию. С наилучшими пожеланиями из России

Michael BroemmerDec. 8, 2015 02:22

Lady Venus has got dressed up, Akatsuki will visit them. Fantastically, excellent achievement, big felicitation to the JAXA - team. The best wishes and a lot of success at the scientific work far from the earth, Michael from Germany !

SujayDec. 8, 2015 02:06

Congrats to the team on the success ! Please share science data with the world when you receive.

Best wishes & all the best !

Roy Koshy Joy Dec. 8, 2015 01:32

All the best.

AnonymousDec. 7, 2015 23:46

* "Perseverance becomes strength." *

wish you all the best, thank you for all your effort!

gregoleDec. 7, 2015 23:45

Good Luck Akatsuki!

Vijay VaishampayanDec. 7, 2015 23:30

All the Best AKATSUKI....
Definitely you will create a history in space science

Alberto L.Dec. 7, 2015 19:20

Complimenti per il meticoloso lavoro svolto ed un "in bocca al lupo" per il successo delle ultime operazioni.
Ciao dall'Emilia (Italia).

TomekDec. 7, 2015 19:09

The world keeps fingers crossed and wishes the best of luck to you. Good luck from Poland!

Samuel D'Arcangelis, Ph.D.Dec. 7, 2015 16:33

Gentlemen / Ladies of team Akatsuki (Planet - C):

Congratulations from a fellow scientist from the United States! Your ambition and extreme patience in maintaining and then resurrecting Akatsuki probe five years after the original engine mishap has paid off. Even if you don't get 100% of your objectives, even if the orbit isn't optimal, you demonstrated incredible pluck where most space programs would have been resigned to the loss. The reward is a unique presence, around Venus at this moment in history, and one hell of a story to go along with it! Welcome to the club!

Anna & MartaDec. 7, 2015 16:06

Go Akatsuki and Control Team!
Best wishes from two Polish fans- Marta, Keio Daigaku graduate, and Anna, Tokyo GeiDai PhD student :)