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Support messages welcomed for “Hitomi” (ASTRO-H)

JAXA accepted support messages for the Hitomi (ASTRO-H) between Dec. 21, 2015, thru Feb. 29, 2016. Thank you very much for your support.
Your continued support for the Hitomi is very much appreciated.

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Kevork AbazajianFeb. 23, 2016 09:48

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to the immense amount of new science results Hitomi will have!

Hitomi FanFeb. 19, 2016 23:17

Congratulations to all the people behind this amazing project.
Looking forward to the news and updates.
Thank you for your contribution to human knowledge.
And now, let there be X-ray.

StrandkievitFeb. 19, 2016 06:40

Boinc! That's a lot of data to be crunched?

Thanks for continuing the quest in knowledge.

RJ SpectorFeb. 18, 2016 23:40

Congratulations, and thanks for creating humanity's newest eye on the cosmos.

Rika AndiartiFeb. 18, 2016 17:20

Congratulations to JAXA and ASTRO-H Team.... BRAVO from Indonesia

Scott MurphyFeb. 18, 2016 05:51

Congrats to the ASTRO-H team!
Now, let's have a look at those X-Rays!

Theo MFeb. 18, 2016 05:06

Way to go! Awesome job everyone.

Lynda EllisFeb. 18, 2016 00:42

Couldn't be more proud of my former home of 9 years! Congratulations to the international team and the Land of the Rising Sun! Deep gratitude for giving our eyes a deeper look into the beauty of the stars.

Roger MillerFeb. 17, 2016 23:28

Best of luck on a successful mission

AnonymousFeb. 17, 2016 22:44

Congratulations on a smooth launch to Dr RIchard Mushotsky and the entire ASTRO -H team!!!

Andrea SimoncelliFeb. 17, 2016 22:25

Good luck for ASTRO-H

Heidelberg EBIT team, MPIKFeb. 17, 2016 21:38

Good luck, Hitomi! Get those x rays! Give us your best resolution!

Michael BroemmerFeb. 17, 2016 18:51

ASTRO - H on good way! The excellent intruments of the x-ray satellite can show us fantastic, spectacular data and pictures of the astronomical processes in the universe. My best wishes for it in JAXA and the ASTRO-H team !

Harvey MoseleyFeb. 17, 2016 18:34

Congratulations to JAXA on a flawless launch!

John KazevaFeb. 17, 2016 18:20

Congrats to all for realizing success in your hard work! Look forward to aliveness of SXS and survival of its filters I supported the qualification, integration and install of

Massimo LucianiFeb. 17, 2016 18:13

Congratulations from Italy for a great launch!

The B34 early morning crewFeb. 17, 2016 18:00

Looking good - Astro-H separation successful!
Good luck on the next steps

MeFeb. 17, 2016 17:54

Smooth sailing!

ElSidFeb. 17, 2016 17:53

Bravo and congratulations- watched live on Euronews in Cyprus-

Michael BroemmerFeb. 17, 2016 15:45

All the best for a safe launch of ASTRO - H. Successful mission and many new scientific data. A lot of luck JAXA and team !

Brent MottFeb. 17, 2016 12:26

There's not much else I'd get up for at 3 am. This is your time. Pikachu , Pika-pika

Jean SwankFeb. 17, 2016 11:39

May all go well. Scary, but you've got to do it to get great results.

CookieFeb. 17, 2016 10:26

Good luck team! I'll be watching

FerrowFeb. 17, 2016 09:34

Best of luck for launch and continued operations, JAXA and Astro-H! Fly safe!

Lorraine Kelley WeinsteinFeb. 17, 2016 07:56

With much excitement and anticipation, looking forward to watching the launch tonight. Best wishes for a successful mission ASTRO-H!

Andrius K.Feb. 17, 2016 06:51

Good luck for ASTRO-H and JAXA.Wish you safe launch and productive mission!!!

Astro-H FangirlFeb. 13, 2016 00:48

We are all cheering for you Astro-H! Too bad about the postponement, but wise to wait until a safer time. We look forward to the launch and the science!

Julian GrodzickyFeb. 12, 2016 19:24

The launch postponement is but a minor hiccup. The Astro-H team has done very well to have come this far. I wish all who have been involved in this project all the very best, and I hope the satellite goes into an extended mission phase.

Best of luck from Sydney, Australia.

M TurnerFeb. 12, 2016 18:00

Best of luck from England.
Postponements are always disappointing for the teams involved, but better to keep the hardware you've worked so hard on safe on the ground rather than launch into a storm. On a brighter day your mission will soar and we will all benefit from the scientific discoveries your efforts will help lead us to. Go JAXA! Go ASTRO-H!

David M GonzalezFeb. 12, 2016 15:54

Good Call to stop launch do to dangerous weather, Good time to recheck all systems. You people do a great Job. Arigato Gozaimashta.

David M GonzalezFeb. 12, 2016 15:48

I hope all systems Are Confirmed a GO. Best to all the crew working on this project.

AnonymousFeb. 12, 2016 12:39

Good luck!!

Wei CuiFeb. 12, 2016 06:14

Best wishes for a successful mission! Super excited to see microcalorimeters in action.

John GygaxFeb. 11, 2016 21:11

Good Luck to ASTRO-H team, with launch, and subsequent science gathering.
Can't wait to see/hear about results from the high resolution micro-calorimeter, collecting data.
Long time coming!

SRINIVAS LAXMANFeb. 11, 2016 20:06


HalaMadridFeb. 11, 2016 16:58

Good Luck! Fight against loneliness, darkness and some dangers. Enjoy your beautiful trip!

John KazevaFeb. 11, 2016 08:02

I was fortunate enough to be a Contractor for NASA Goddard performing Integration Engineering on the SXS Instrument Aperture Assembly sub-system. I performed work in the SHI / Niihama Works Class 100 facility with many great NASA/JAXA and SHI customers/colleagues. I have so much respect for the Honor and Grace of my Japanese colleagues I was so fortunate to work with and learn so very much from. I am wishing NASA GSFC/Code 600 and JAXA/SHI my very best wishes for continued successes everyone's dedication have paid dividends on.

Andrea SimoncelliFeb. 10, 2016 23:30

Good luck ASTRO-H!!!!
Have a successful mission!!!

Susmita ChakravortyFeb. 9, 2016 19:52

Really excited for the mission to be launched. I am sure Astro-H will be responsible for some great science. As a scientist who does high resolution spectroscopy in X-rays, this is now the mission to be followed. Best wishes.

Pablo CassatellaFeb. 9, 2016 14:27

Happy Chinese New Year, ASTRO-H. May your observation windows be long and your solar panels strong.

All the very best to the ASTRO-H community.

Claudio RicciFeb. 9, 2016 10:22

Ganbatte kudasai ASTRO-H!

Luke DruryFeb. 5, 2016 21:23

Very exciting prospects for X-ray spectroscopy with the 4 eV energy resolution of the micro-bolometer array! Fingers crossed that the launch goes smoothly and that everything works. Best wishes from Ireland and DIAS.

Peter BoormanFeb. 4, 2016 02:24

Many exciting prospects for the future of X-ray astronomy - good luck ASTRO-H!

Andy MakepeaceFeb. 3, 2016 17:36

All the best, ASTRO-H! Have a smooth launch and a successful mission.

Paul C WhalenFeb. 3, 2016 11:22

The NASA budget is without doubt one of the best expenditures the government makes. In terms of science, technology, industry, and national pride, the endeavors of one group have inspired so many.
I pay a large sum of taxes. I have been very fortunate to have made a good living in this country. I certainly would be willing to raise that amount for few reasons, but space research is one.
Thanks to the scientists, the engineers, researchers, administrators and everyone that lets man learn what is out there. Thanks to the government officials that allocate money for space research and exploration. I vote and I vote for you based on this record.
I have written the White House voicing this same opinion. As an attorney, I will benefit not at all financially from any space investment. I believe we are all better because of projects like this one.
God bless and god speed. Keep going.

Ben TebbyJan. 20, 2016 22:22

The people of Canada wish you well good luck be sure to see tons of stuff

Sarah BadmanJan. 13, 2016 01:37

Good luck, ASTRO-H! Hope you can take a look at Jupiter while you're up there ;-)

Poshak GandhiJan. 7, 2016 00:46

Japan - Land of the rising 'sun' of X-ray astronomy.
Godspeed, ASTRO-H!