Press Release

Launch Date of Epsilon-3 Encapsulating ASNARO-2

December 8, 2017 (JST)

National Research and Development Agency
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

JAXA has updated the launch date of the third Epsilon Launch Vehicle (Epsilon-3) which encapsulates the second Advanced Small-size Radar Satellite (ASNARO-2)*. The Epsilon-3 launch, originally scheduled for November 12, 2017, was postponed as its electrical system needed further confirmation. JAXA has identified and taken countermeasures against the factor that delayed the launch. Refer to the following reschedule details;

Launch Date:
January 17, 2018
Launch Time:
Approximately 6 a.m. through 6:35 a.m. (Japan Standard Time)
Reserved Launch Period:
January 18 through February 28, 2018
Launch Site:
The JAXA Uchinoura Space Center

ASNARO-2 was developed by NEC Corporation as part of the project funded by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. JAXA, NEC Corporation’s contractor, is in charge of this launch.