Press Release

Sponsors for ISEF2 Side Events

February 9, 2018 (JST)

Cabinet Office
Ministry of Culture, Sports,
Science and Technology (MEXT)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
National Research and Development Agency
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Below is the list of 19 sponsors for Y-ISEF *1 and I-ISEF*2, official side events to the Second International Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2), to be held on March 3, 2018. Y-ISEF, organized by MEXT and JAXA, is for young professionals and I-ISEF, organized by the Cabinet Office, MEXT, METI and JAXA is for industries.

Note: Status order is based on the scale of contribution to the side events. Within the same status, the listing is in alphabetical order.

Platinum Sponsors

  • Cork Inc.
    “In October 2017, JAXA announced that KAGUYA discovered long caves underneath the Moon. The comic “Space Brothers” by Chuya Koyama, for whom we are an agency, described the existence of a cave in the Moon before the real announcement. As these forums continue to be held, we have great expectations that exciting contents from the comics will become a reality again.”
  • SHISEIDO Co. Ltd
    “We expect that we can discover new ingredients from the Moon or Mars that can achieve“healthy beautiful skin from within” which Shiseido has been pursuing for.” (Junichi Hosoi, PhD)

Gold Sponsors

  • ispace, Inc.
    “We are humbled to be one of the Gold Sponsors for ISEF2 Side Events. This event and ispace share the same vision — to expand our living sphere into space. Through this conference, we hope to not only strengthen international cooperation but also encourage a cross-industrial collaboration to shape the future of space exploration. We are confident that ISEF2 will accelerate a discussion towards a more sustainable and inclusive space exploration.”
  • Japan Manned Space Systems Corp.
    “Today, LEO platform activities by private companies with looking at post ISS era as well as the studies for international space exploration are being promoted internationally. As a company representing Japan's manned space activities, JAMSS is working on expanding ISS/LEO commercial use in collaboration with overseas companies. Through ISEF2, JAMSS expects that the support for international space exploration will expand and efforts for LEO commercial use at post ISS will be accelerated as a key factor to promote space exploration.”
  • Thales Alenia Space

Silver Sponsors

  • Airbus Defense and Space SAS
  • Axiom Space, LLC
  • Shimizu Corporation

Bronze Sponsors

  • BayCurrent Consulting, Inc.
  • Dentsu Inc.
  • euglena Co.,Ltd.
  • IHI INC.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  • NEC Corporation
  • Real Tech Fund


Y-ISEF is ISEF for young professionals. Another side event, S-ISEF will be organized where designated attendees will be students.

(1) Y-ISEF - ISEF for Young Professionals

A platform for robust discussions and exchange of ideas on space exploration by young professionals both domestic and foreign, active in the variety of workforce. This creates networking and career development plans for the participants. It will be an interest-arousing opportunity in space for students among the participants.

[ Dates and Place ]

February 28, 2018: JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
March 1 to 3, 2018: Tokyo

[ Participants ]

Around 80 young professionals and students, age 18 to 35. Application, made available to the public, is now closed.
For details, go to;

(2) S-ISEF, ISEF for Students

Research results on space exploration will be presented to Japanese high school students. A forum where students and young domestic and international researchers express ideas and learn from each other to further research.

[ Date and Place ]

March 3, 2018: Tokyo

[ Participants ]

Around 20 high school students who engage in space exploration research. Application started on October 25, 2017 and is closed.
For details, go to;


I-ISEF, ISEF for Industries

The goal of I-ISEF is heightening the momentum for space exploration and cultivating the space business growth. Discussions address how the government can fulfill the demands and should overcome adverse factors. Roles will be identified that industry, academia and government should respectively play in the country’s space program. Possibilities of future space business developments will be shared among those at present. The process should galvanize the recognition that space exploration can establish a business market and stimulate Japanese economy.

[ Date and Place ]

March 2, 2018: The Westin Tokyo, Meguro, Tokyo

[ Participants ]

Japanese and international companies, entrepreneurs, investors, engaged in or interested in space exploration, including industries unrelated to space.
Public viewing opportunity is also available. Acceptance of application started on January 2018 and is closed.
For details, go to;


The ISEF2 Side Events Secretariat