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SafeAvio Steps forward for Implementation

July 18, 2018 (JST)

National Research and Development Agency
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Following the research and development and a series of flight tests on the SafeAvio project in the fiscal years through March 2016, this year, JAXA in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, conducted flight tests of the technology on ecoDemonstrator 2018, Boeing's flight test program. On SafeAvio, JAXA took up the development of the technology that could provide commercial airplane pilots with weather information ahead of time and help them better detect and avoid weather disturbances. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, JAXA's partner built the system. The flight demonstration tests brought JAXA and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation evaluations by Boeing of the technological feasibility and problems regarding installation and the subsequent tuning and operation.

Concurring with the development and flight tests was communication with RTCA*, a United States based organization which provides the basis for government certification of electronics and other avionic equipment. RTCA agreed to proceed investigation and examination for the standardization of the proposed technology.
Hereafter, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and JAXA will participate in the process undertaken by RTCA for future implementation of the technology.

*RTCA: The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. New equipment for commercial aircraft is required to meet the requirements established by RTCA.

Attachment: Common Standards Development Organization (SDO) Procedure, RTCA

Common Standards Development Organization (SDO) Procedure, RTCA

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