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JAXA and RIKEN conclude master agreement for greater cooperation

March 26, 2020 (JST)

National Research and Development Agency
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
National Research and Development Agency

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and RIKEN signed a master agreement on March 26, 2020, to promote new collaboration for joint research, in addition to the existing cooperation mainly in the area of space science, toward the goal of extending human presence beyond the Earth’s system.
Based on this agreement, both organizations will combine their strengths and resources, such as research and development capabilities and human resources, to contribute to the advancement of science and technology in Japan.

The outline of the collaboration is as follows.

[Collaborative activities]

  • Research cooperation, such as joint research
  • Research interactions and personnel exchanges
  • Mutual support for human resource development
  • Sharing of research facilities and equipment


  • Holding of joint research workshops and symposiums
  • Exchange of research personnel based on a cross-appointment system and other programs
  • Cooperation for joint research and technological development utilizing each other’s advanced technologies and equipment


JAXA President Hiroshi Yamakawa, left, and RIKEN’s President Hiroshi Matsumoto, right

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