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Critical phase over for Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM)

September 14, 2023 (JST)

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

 The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has verified the normal functionality of the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) through telemetry data received. This marks the end of the critical operation period (*1).

 The SLIM will now move into the Earth orbit phase (*2), where it will spend about 20 days as it continues to verify the functioning of its onboard equipment and prepare for insertion into the lunar transfer orbit.

 We would like to express our profound appreciation to all related parties for their cooperation and support for the launch and tracking/control of the SLIM.

*1 Critical phase
The period after the separation of the probe from the launch vehicle to confirmation that the functions required to maintain the probe, including power generation by the solar panels, communication with the ground, and attitude control, are operating correctly, and that the propulsion system and other functions required for orbit control.

*2 Earth orbit phase
The period for conducting functional checks of onboard equipment and preparations to carry out the orbit control into the lunar transfer orbit at a predetermined time.