R&D for Innovation Technologies

Cutting-edge technological power is required for conducting highly reliable aerospace activities that can attain safe and reliable achievements. For that reason, verification through research and development (R&D) is important, thus JAXA has been engaging in R&D in fundamental technologies that can be commonly applied in the aerospace field.
Technologies necessary for space projects that are exposed to the severe space environment are unique, and many areas are still unknown, hence researchs on them are leading-edge.

Connecting Present and Future through Technology

Centered around the areas in which JAXA has strong points, such as numerical simulation technology, highly-reliable software technology, mounted equipment and parts with high global competitiveness, and advanced rocket engines, we aim to contribute to enhancing competitiveness in highly advanced space projects and resolving challenges through stronger collaboration among industry, government, and academia. In the future, depending on the expansion of utilization of aerospace, in the areas that need improvement and enhancement, we will utilize competitive research funds, introduce private funds, and mobilize human resources to promote agile research and development.

Using Space to Create the Future

Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Program

As part of activities under the Basic Plan on Space Policy, this program provides opportunities for universities, research institutions, and private companies to conduct demonstration tests in space for equipment, parts, micro satellites, and CubeSats they have developed. A total of seven launches are planned once every two years. A call for demonstration theme is open throughout the year. The first mission was launched on January 18, 2019, and the second was launched on November 7, 2021 to provide demonstration opportunities in orbit.

Agile Research & Development Program for Disruptive Satellite Technology

This program aims to realize disruptive satellite technology to enhance Japan's space service capability. In order to achieve our goals, we utilize micro and small satellites as technology demonstration platform, and employs agile process to keep up with rapid technology advancement. This program also focus on digital technology as a key component for competitiveness of Japanese space industry.