Development and Operation Transportation Systems Linking Ground and Space H-IIA Launch Vehicle F9

About H-IIA Launch Vehicle F9

The Multi-functional Transport Satellite 2 (MTSAT-2) was launched by the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No.9 (H-IIA F9) at 3:27 p.m. on February 18, 2006 (JST) from the Tanegashima Space Center. The MTSAT-2 is owned by the Civil Aviation Bureau and the Japan Meteorological Agency, which fall under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
The initial flight azimuth was 99.5 degrees. The launch vehicle flew smoothly, and, at about 28 minutes and 11 seconds after liftoff, the separation and injection of the MTSAT-2 into a Geostationary transfer orbit were confirmed.

Principal Specifications

Model H2A2024
Launch Date 2/18/2006 15:27 (JST)
Launch Site H-IIA Launch Complex at Tanegashima Space Center
Payload Multi-functional Transport Satellite-2 "Himawari-7"(MTSAT-2)