Space Transportation Systems N-I Launch Vehicle

Operation Finished

About N-I Launch Vehicle

N-I rocket is three-stage launch vehicles employing the U.S "Thor-Delta Rockets" technology and used for launching experiments, communications, broadcasting, meteorological and earth observation satellites. N-I was utilized in a total of 7 launches from 1975 to 1982.

Principal specifications

Overall length 32.57m
Diameter 2.44m
Total weight 90.4t (Payload not inclued)
Guidance system Radio guidance system
Flight No. Launch Date Payload
N1F 9/9/1975 Engineering Test Satellite I "KIKU-1"(ETS-I)
N2F 2/29/1976 Ionoshere Sounding Satellite "UME"(ISS)
N3F 2/23/1977 Engineering Test Satellite II "KIKU-2"(ETS-II)
N4F 2/16/1978 Ionoshere Sounding Satellite "UME-2"(ISS-b)
N5F 2/6/1979 Experimental Communications Satellites "Ayame"(ECS)
* ECS was unable to accomplish its mission, mainly because the 3rd stage rocket came in contact with the satellite after separation.
N6F 2/22/1980 Experimental Communications Satellites "Ayame-2"(ECS-b)
* ECS-b stopped transmitting soon after the apogee engine fired.
N9F 9/3/1982 Engineering Test Satellite III "KIKU-4"(ETS-III)