In Search of Origins Deep Space Exploration Technology Demonstrator (DESTINY⁺)

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Deep Space Exploration Technology Demonstrator (DESTINY⁺)

DESTINY⁺ is a deep space mission that unites engineering and science objectives. To enable lower cost, higher frequency, and more sustainable deep space missions, the spacecraft will demonstrate advanced technologies that include highly fuelefficient ion engines and thermal control devices. Using the ion engines, DESTINY⁺ will first follow a spiraling trajectory towards the Moon, where a sequence of well-timed lunar swing-bys will place the spacecraft in a Phaethon-bound interplanetary course. For the science mission, the spacecraft will explore the asteroid “(3200) Phaethon” performing high-speed flyby observations. During its deep space cruise to Phaethon, the spacecraft will conduct in-situ analyses of dust particles.

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