Utilizing Space Through Satellites Engineering Test Satellite IV "KIKU-3" (ETS-IV)

Operation Finished

About Engineering Test Satellite IV "KIKU-3" (ETS-IV)

KIKU-3(ETS-IV) confirmed N-II launch vehicle capability prior to the launching of 350-kg class geostationar meteorological, communications and broadcasting satellites and it performed testing of on-board equipment.
KIKU-3 finished its operation on December 24 ,1984 ,because of deterioation of solar battery.

Major Characteristics

International Designation Code 1981-012A
Launch Date 2/11/1981
Launch Vehicle N-II Launch Vehicle (N7F)
Launch Site Tanegashima Space Center
Weight 638kg
Orbit Geostationary transfer
225km perogee 36,000km apogee
28.5 deg. inclination
636min. period
Dimensions Cylindrical, D : 210cm
Attitude Control Spin-stabilized