Utilizing Space Through Satellites Engineering Test Satellite V "KIKU-5" (ETS-V)

Operation Finished

About Engineering Test Satellite V "KIKU-5" (ETS-V)

KIKU-5(ETS-V) was launched to confirm H-I (3-stage) launch vehicle performance, as well as to establish basic geostationary three-axis bus system technology for future satellite applications, amass independent technology required for next-generation satellite development and carry out experiments for mobile communications satellite.
KIKU-5 finished its 1.5 year programmed opration on March 31,1989,while AMEX(Aerouautical Mobile. Experimeutal Trauspouder)still keeps gathering data and carring out experments.

Major Characteristics

International Designation Code 1987-070A
Launch Date 8/27/1987
Launch Vehicle H-I Launch Vehicle(H17F)
Launch Site Tanegashima Space Center
Shape Approx. 1.4m x 1.67m x 1.74m with deployable solar array paddles
Weight 550kg
Orbit Geostationary 150deg. E. longitude
Dimensions Box shaped with attached deployable solar panels
Mission Life 1.5 years
Altitude Approx. 36,000km
Inclination 0 degrees
Period Approx. 24 hours
Attitude Control Three-axis stabilized