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Student Acceptance System

Overview of the system

Since its establishment, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereinafter "JAXA") has accepted students in Japan and overseas at is sites pursuant to applicable laws in an effort to working with educational institutions such as universities. JAXA has provided education as well as research and hands-on training guidance to students.


Purpose of System Graduate student education and research guidance system
Cooperation for a graduate school education (education and research guidance) under the School Education Act
Student practical training system
Guidance for acquisition of knowledge and technology, and provision of work experience, etc.
System Cooperative Graduate School System Commissioned Guidance Student System Skills Acquisition System Internship system
Eligibility Graduate students in Japan or overseas (excluding non-degree students and non-degree research students) Technical college students, junior college students, college students (undergraduate students), and graduate students in Japan or overseas
Period of Acceptance No maximum period Master’s program: Up to 1 year
Doctoral program/Students from an overseas university
etc. overseas: No maximum period
A total of 120 days per year
* In principle, JAXA does not accept students under the same theme for two or more academic years.
A total 10 days per year
Overview of procedure (1) Upon application by a university, JAXA and the university first conclude a cooperation agreement on the Cooperative Graduate School System.
(2) When a student requests to use this system, a JAXA employee is commissioned as a professor of the university and JAXA receives the application from the university.
(3) The Director General of JAXA approves such commission and acceptance of the student.
(4) Acceptance at JAXA starts.
(1) A graduate school makes a request to JAXA for education and guidance on specific themes.
(2) The Director General of JAXA approves. An agreement is concluded.
(3) A JAXA employee is commissioned as a professor.
(4) Acceptance at JAXA starts.
(1) A university or other educational institutions makes a request to JAXA for practical training on specific themes.
(2) The Director General of JAXA approves. An agreement is concluded.
(3) Acceptance at JAXA starts.


  • Cooperative Graduate School System Agreement and Others: Inter-University Relations Section, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) direct input
  • Acceptance at ISAS: Student Affairs Section, ISAS direct input
  • Acceptance at Research and Development Directorate (RDD): Student Affairs Section, RDD direct input
  • Acceptance at Aeronautical Technology Directorate (ATD): Student Affairs Section, ATD direct input

Supporting Social and School Education

JAXA Space Education Office supports educators by coordinating space education projects for students, where space is presented as study material. These education opportunities seek to equip the young minds and hearts with the breadth of knowledge.