FAQ for Internship Application

Q. When can I see the latest update for the internship program?

A. The internship program for the fiscal year (April-March of following year) will be uploaded to JAXA official website on April 1st of the year.

Q. Does JAXA overseas office has internship program?

A. No, JAXA overseas office has no internship program.

Q. I don't fulfill the requirements listed on the available internship theme (school/major/academic year or other requirements). Am I still eligible to apply?

A. You can still apply for internship even when you don't fulfill the requirements. Prospective intern will be assessed based on the applicant's competency.

Q. Can high school students apply for the internship?

A. JAXA's internship program is available for students enrolled in tertiary education institute (from junior college, college of technology until graduate school) in Japan or outside Japan. High school students are not eligible to apply.

Q. Can a professional or person who already graduated apply for internship?

A. Internship is not available for professional or person who already graduated.

Q. Is there a maximum acceptance slot per university?

A. No, we don't have maximum acceptance slot for specific individual university.

Q. Will JAXA open additional opening in case internship participant withdraw from the program?

A. No, no additional slot panned even when participant withdraws.

Q. Will there be additional opening after application deadline?

A. No, no additional slot panned after application deadline

Q. I missed the requirement that the application has to be made through the university. It is difficult to apply within the deadline if the application needs to be made through the university. Will there be any extension for the application deadline?

A. The same conditions applies to all applicants and the application deadline cannot be extended.

Q. What would be the necessary documents for Japanese students studying at university outside Japan to apply for internship? Furthermore, which document is required to be submitted by the university?

A.Japanese students enrolled in university outside Japan must submit "JAXA Application Form", as this would be considered as individual application (You will not be able to use the forms listed on Japanese page). The form can be filled in Japanese.
The application process does not require the university to provide any documentation during application process, but an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between JAXA and the university is required to start internship. Please confirm with the university about feasibility of signing such MOU prior to application.

Q. Is it possible to submit individual application for students currently studying at university in Japan?

A. Students enrolled at university in Japan is not eligible for individual application. Please submit application documents through your university's career center or equivalent department.

Q. My university has no career center or department that assist students for future employment. What should I do?

A. In addition to career center, you can try to inquire HR department, General Affairs department of similar department at your university.

Q. Can the internship application be submitted to JAXA by department other than career center or equivalent?

A. We only require the application to be submitted by university, and there is no specific requirement on which department can submit.

Q. On the resume part of the application form (Word), how do I fill the "Preferred Period of Internship"? Can I write multiple periods?

A. Please write a period where you can fully participate on the internship. You can write multiple periods.

Q. What is the decision process for the internship period?

A. For internship theme that is marked with "Yes" on "Flexible training start/end date" column, internship period will be decided after coordination between the accepting department and accepted student.
For internship theme that is marked with "No" on "Flexible training start/end date" column, internship period is fixed. Please apply after confirming availability.

Q. Will "Internship Acceptance Application Form" be required to each individual applicant?

A. No, the university only need to submit one copy on behalf of all applicants enrolled in that university.
On the other hand if there are multiple students enrolled at different departments within the university, please submit 1 copy per department.

Q. Is there any character length limitation for each item on "Internship Applicant Resume"? If the content of application exceeds 1 page, should I make another paper detailing which item is longer or contained within the prescribed format?

A. There is no character limitation for the format.
If the content of application is longer than prescribed format, please write the content on attached appendix (no specific format for the appendix)

Q. Should I use Word or PDF format for "Internship Applicant Resume"?

A. PDF is recommended, but Word is also acceptable.

Q. Is there a requirement to stamp official seal on "Internship Acceptance Application Form" and does JAXA accept submission of this document via email?

A. No, we don't require "Internship Acceptance Application Form" to be stamped with official seal. We also don't require paper submission. The university can send this document via email.

Q. Is it possible to submit application documents via file hosting service ("Dropbox" or similar)?

A. Yes, it is possible. While it is possible to use file hosting service or online storage that is made for legal entity, there is a possibility that the service does not conform with JAXA's security policy. We may request the university to use alternative method.
(We do not accept submission using services that has security concerns, such as but not limited to P2P file sharing and services that does not provide security assurance due to lack of constant updates or correct user setting)

Q. MOU (draft) Article 8 paragraph 2 and 3 states that "the university will be jointly and severally liable". Is it possible to delete this phrase from the clause?

A. No, the MOU can not be modified.

Q. Is there any requirement to sign the MOU during application?

A. The MOU is required only after acceptance has been confirmed. There is no requirement to submit signed MOU by the time of application.

FAQ for MOU and Internship Period

Q. What would be the workflow for signing MOU?

A. After notification of acceptance, we will send MOU data package approximately 1 month before start of internship to the accepted student (for students who reside in Japan, person in charge at the university).
For internship theme that has flexible date, the accepting department in JAXA will directly contact accepted student to coordinate internship date. After internship date has been confirmed, data package containing MOU will be sent to the accepted student (for students who reside in Japan, person in charge at the university). Please have the career center in the university to print out 2 copies, stamp offical seal on both copies, and send it to JAXA HR Department, Personnel Division afterwards. JAXA will stamp JAXA's official seal on both copies and return 1 stamped copy to the university.

Q. Would the MOU contain the same content with the draft MOU that is listed on the internship application page?

A. Yes, that is correct. The actual MOU will have name of the educational institute and other items written on it, and will be sent after acceptance has been confirmed.

Q. What documents I need to submit after my acceptance has been confirmed? What submission method I can use to submit the documents?

A. Please submit the following 3 documents.
Please send the document via email, as PDF or digital image file.
・Written pledge
・Proof of insurance
・Student ID

Q. I am insured by the insurance that is specified by the university. Is it possible to submit proof of insurance with current format, instead of using JAXA's format?

A. Proof of insurance can be submitted using JAXA format or university-specific format.

Q. There is no official university seal on the proof of insurance. Am I required to submit JAXA format with official university seal?

A. University official seal is not required to submit proof of insurance. You are also not required to submit proof of insurance using JAXA format.

Q. Is is possible to use Sagamihara Campus International Guest House during internship? If it is possible, what would be the application method?

Q. Is it possible to use automobile or motorcycle to commute?

A. While JAXA does not explicitly prohibit commute using automobile or motorcycle to commute, please consult with the university and fellow students.
Except for your internship inside JAXA's facilities, you will be under the responsibility of your university. If there is an accident, insurance coverage only includes "commute using logical route and method", and will not cover in case you commute using methods that is prohibited by the university.

Q. Is it possible for JAXA to issue documents that supports application of internship credits from the university?

A. Yes, it is possible to issue such document. However, the document will only contain items that is deemed acceptable by JAXA.

Other questions(FAQ)

Q. Is there any study abroad program or overseas internship that JAXA can refer or act as intermediary?

A. No, JAXA will not refer students or act as intermediary for study abroad program or overseas.

Q. Is there any other student acceptance program beside internship by JAXA?