JAXA Aerospace Project Research Associate Recruitment 2019

JAXA is seeking for outstanding young researchers who participates in various aerospace projects with specialized knowledge which promote JAXA projects more effectively and efficiently.

Research Themes


Applicants must possess Ph.D. or equivalent
* Applicants previously employed as JAXA Aerospace Project Research Associate cannot apply to a similar research topic.

Open Period

Open until the vacancy is filled.
* Each research theme may set a closing date after a certain progress in the selection. Please check the announcements in each website above.


Aerospace Project Research Associate (fixed-term staff)
* Applicants will not be hired as a permanent employee after the term of service.

Starting Date of Employment

Within 4-6 months after approving JAXA’s offer. (negotiable)
* Certificate of Eligibility is required to submit prior to the starting date.


1 vacancy for each research theme

How to Apply

(1) Pre-Apply

You may begin the process of submitting your resume by clicking each title of the Research Theme above. Please read "How to Pre-Apply pdf" carefully beforehand, since the online application contain Japanese text.
You will need to download and fill in the "Required Documents" below in order to complete your resume.
Failure to submit the supplemental data and a resume that contains all the required information may result in loss of consideration for positions in which you are interested. Once you submit your resume to JAXA, you will be asked to complete an On-Demand Interview. You must submit the video in order to be considered.
Further instructions will be announced via email from the system, which will be sent within a day.
DO NOT submit your resume directly to JAXA supervisor nor HR Office. JAXA does not accept resumes or documents attached through email.

* When a Pre-Apply is considered to be it on May 6 from April 27, a notice of On-Demand Interview is May 7(JST).
In addition, about each inquiry, it becomes after May 7(JST).

* Please note that you are not able to pre-apply during 1a.m.-5a.m.(JST) on the third Thursday of each month due to regular system maintenance. Thank you for avoiding the certain time.

(2)  Apply (On-Demand Interview)

An On-Demand Interview is a one-way video recording in which you are required to answer set questions. Specific instructions will be announced after your resume is submitted. You must finish the entire process in order to have a complete application package and receive consideration.

(3) 1st Selection

JAXA will evaluate based on your submitted resume and on-demand interview. You can normally expect to learn the outcome of the selection process within approximately 2 weeks, however it may vary depending on each individual.

(4) 2nd Selection (Online-Interview)

If you are found to be a highly qualified candidate, you will be contacted for an online-interview. The online-interview will be held once. Please email to the announced contact information on each site of the research theme if you wish to have a face-to-face interview.
You can normally expect to learn the outcome of the selection process within approximately 2 weeks, however it may vary depending on each individual.

Required Documents

Download the documents below to complete your resume. Please note that there are upload limitation of 20MB for each file.


FORM 1 Research Plan word
FORM 2 Research Achievements word
FORM 3 Summary of Representative Published Papers word
FORM 4 Letter of Recommendation(*) word
(*) The recommender can send FORM 4 (Letter of Recommendation) directly to JAXA via E-mail; jaxacareer*jaxa.jp (change * to @)

Terms of Employment

  • Annual Income
    Approximately JPY 4,500,000
    * May change due to the recommendation by the Natl. Personnel Authority.
    * The amount equivalent to the end-of-period bonus is included in the monthly salary.

  • Benefits
    Commutation, Residence, Achievement Allowances
  • Working Days
    Monday - Friday, 9:30a.m. - 5:45 p.m. (Lunch-time 12:15 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
  • Holidays
    Weekends, Japanese National Holidays, New Years Holiday (12/29-1/3), Annual Leave (20 days), Summer Break (7days), Maternity Leave, etc.
  • Locations
    Tokyo (Chofu), Kanagawa (Sagamihara), Ibaraki (Tsukuba), Miyagi (Kakuda), etc.
  • Lodging
    NOT provided
  • Social Insurances
    The Science and Technology Health Insurance Society, Industrial Accident Compensastion Insurance, Employment Insurance, JAXA Benefit Association


  • Contract of employment will be concluded each fiscal year.
  • Applicants will not be hired as a permanent employee after the term of service.
  • Employment period may be extended up to 3 years for the longest, in consideration of research evaluation every fiscal year.
  • Total employment period will be up to 5 years for the longest, if the applicant is already employed to JAXA as a fixed-term staff.


  • JAXA may ask for submission of additional documents during the selection.
  • Submitted application documents are unreturnable.
  • Travel expenses for the interview will not be provided from JAXA.
  • Submission of the Certificate of Eligibility is required prior to the starting date of employment.
  • Applicants must leave the current job by the starting date of employment.
  • Applicants cannot be enrolled in the graduate school after employed by JAXA
  • Neither travelling expenses nor moving costs will not be provided from JAXA.
  • Applicants should submit a refusal notice to JAXA as soon as possible if s/he declines the post after getting an acceptance notification.

Privacy Policy

  • JAXA shall use application information for the following purposes:
    (1) To screen the Applicant for recruitment;
    (2) To create statistical and analytical materials for future recruitment activities; and
    (3) To manage prospective employees and to manage employees after joining JAXA.
  • JAXA shall not use application information for any purpose other than those above nor provide application information to any third party except under the following cases:
    (1) Prior consent has been obtained by the Applicant;
    (2) Disclosure is legally required under laws and regulations;
    (3) The information will be used in the form of statistical data that cannot identify individuals; or
    (4) The information will be provided to a subcontractor with whom JAXA has concluded an agreement prohibiting the subcontractor from using the information for any purpose other than the entrusted business.
  • Any Applicant applying from within the European Economic Area must mail a HARD COPY of a written Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR .pdf

Contact Information

  • Please check our FAQ beforehandpdf
  • For general inquiries;
    Human Resources Office : jaxacareer*jaxa.jp (change * to @)
  • For specific inquiries about the research theme;
    See the contact information on each research theme site.
  • For mailing "Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR";
    4-6 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8008
    JAXA Human Resources Office, Career Support