JAXA Aerospace Project Research Associate Recruitment (ISAS)

JAXA is seeking for outstanding young researchers who participates in various aerospace projects with specialized knowledge which promote JAXA projects more effectively and efficiently.

*Japanese proficiency is not a requirement to perform reseach work for research themes listed on this page. On the other hand, although proficiency in Japanese is not strictly a work requirement in JAXA, please note that Japanese is the primary working language for JAXA. Japanese proficiency may not be critical for you to perform your work, but is highly likely to be very useful at professional and personal occasions.

Research Themes

Research themes that have been solicited in the pasts


Applicants must possess Ph.D. or equivalent (completion of the degree within 5 years of hiring date)
However, rest period before and after childbirth and child care leave of absence or other special circumstances will be excluded in calculation.
※A person who was previously hired as Aerospace Project Research Associate is not eligible to this position. (This item will apply even when the research theme is different with research theme during previous employment)

Closing Date

August 25th (FRI), 2023 17:00(JST)
* Closing Date is mandatory.
* Please note that you are not able to pre-apply during 1a.m.~5a.m.(JST) on the third Thursday of each month due to regular system maintenance. Thank you for avoiding the certain time.


Aerospace Project Research Associate (fixed-term staff)
* Applicants will not be hired as a permanent employee after the term of service.

Starting Date of Employment

In principle, after April 1st, 2024(negotiable) Within 4-6 months after approving JAXA’s offer. (negotiable) * Certificate of Eligibility is required to submit prior to the starting date.
Development research for HiZ-GUNDAM satellite (High-z Gamma-ray bursts for Unraveling the Dark Ages Mission)、after Janunary 1st, 2024(negotiable)


ISAS research themes:A few people(period of employment: 3 years)
Project-based research themes:A few people (period of employment: 3 years, with possible extension to maximum of 5 years)
External funding research themes:Within 1 person (period of employment: 3 years)

How to Apply

(1) Apply

You may begin the process of submitting your resume by clicking each title of the Research Theme above. Please read"How to Pre-Applypdf" carefully beforehand, since the online application contain Japanese text.
You will need to download and fill in the “Required Documents” below in order to complete your resume.
Failure to submit the supplemental data and a resume that contains all the required information may result in loss of consideration for positions in which you are interested.
DO NOT submit your resume directly to JAXA supervisor nor HR Office. JAXA does not accept resumes or documents attached through email.
* Please note that you are not able to pre-apply during 1a.m.~5a.m.(JST) on the third Thursday of each month due to regular system maintenance. Thank you for avoiding the certain time.

(2) 1st Selection

JAXA will evaluate based on your submitted resume and application form.
( Notification of the first selection resul: Scheduled around September 22, 2023)

(3) 2st Selection (Online-Interview)

If you are found to be a highly qualified candidate, you will be contacted for an online-interview.
Online Interview: Early-October, 2023(time will be specified individually)
* On the day of the event, you will be given a 10-minute presentation on your research plan and future career vision.
Those who have passed the document screening will be required to send the above presentation materials (PDF) by the interview date.

(4) Final result notification

Mid-October, 2023

* Schedule is subject to change.

Required Documents

Please prepare the following application documents and apply for a research theme from the website. All uploaded files must be in PDF format. Form 1 should be combined into one PDF file.
* The number of pages of the “application form” should be 10 or less, and a copy of one major achievement (one in the case of a paper) or other deliverables describing the achievements should be added to the same file and compiled into one.
* It does not have to be 10 pages or less except for the "application form", but please note that the file upload capacity is limited to 20MB.

FORM1 application formword

application form 

Before completing “4. Research Plan” in the application form, contact the research supervisor and the prospective mentor listed in the "Research themes for the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)" above” individually. Please consult them about the research plan you would like to implement and ask for a confirmation before submitting the application form.

The confirmation of the research plan above is carried out to improve the accuracy of the proposal contents for the purpose of conducting an appropriate evaluation at the time of selection, the application is made after a confirmation by the research supervisor and the prospective mentor. It does not mean that a person will be hired (selection will be done separately).

* The contact email addresses of the research supervisor are listed in the "Research themes for the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)" above”. In addition, you can find details of the research contents and research achievements of the research supervisor and the prospective mentor at "ISAS Researcher Profiles “ISASmap” ".

FORM2 Letter of Recommendation word

Letter of Recommendation must be attached by the applicant or sent by the recommender by email ( "isas-hrtask*ml.jaxa.jp". Please change * to @)
If you do not send a Letter of Recommendation, your application will be invalid.

Terms of Employment

  • Annual Income
    Approximately JPY 4,500,000
    * May change due to the recommendation by the Natl. Personnel Authority.

  • Benefits
    Commuting, Housing, Achievement, Year-end allowances.
  • Research funding
    Researcher may receive research funding specific to such individual researcher.
  • Working Days
    Monday - Friday, 9:30a.m. - 5:45 p.m. (Lunch-time 12:15 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
  • Holidays
    Weekends, Japanese National Holidays, New Years Holiday (12/29-1/3), Annual Leave (20days), Work-Life-Balance Leave (7days), Maternity Leave, etc.
  • Lodging
    Provided according to individual circumstances, or housing allowance will be paid according to JAXA regulations.
  • Social Insurances
    The Science and Technology Health Insurance Society, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, Employment Insurance, JAXA Benefit Association


  • Contract of employment will be concluded each fiscal year.
  • Applicants will not be hired as a permanent employee after the term of service.
  • Employment period may be extended up to 3 years (up to 5 years depending on research theme), after considerations of research evaluation by end of fiscal year. (Total employment period may be extended to 10 years for inclusion childcare leave or equivalent leave of absence)
  • Total employment period will be up to 5 years for the longest, if the applicant is already employed to JAXA as an invited personnel or other fixed-term staff (except for Aerospace Research Project Associate).


  • JAXA may ask for submission of additional documents during the selection.
  • Submitted application documents are will not be returned.
  • Travel expenses for the interview will not be provided from JAXA.
  • Submission of documents proving that the applicant currently holds proper visa in Japan (Residence card or equivalent) is required prior to the starting date of employment. (Assistance with the applicant's and dependent's visa application procedure and visa application cost incurred will be provided by JAXA).
  • Applicants must leave the current job by the starting date of employment.
  • Applicants cannot be enrolled in the graduate school after employed by JAXA
  • Travel expense and moving cost reimbursement during intake will be reimbursed based on internal regulations. (Travel expenses and moving cost reimbursement other than during intake will not be provided)
  • Applicants should submit a refusal notice to JAXA as soon as possible if s/he declines the post after getting an acceptance notification.

Privacy Policy

  • JAXA shall use application information for the following purposes:
    (1) To screen the Applicant for recruitment;
    (2) To create statistical and analytical materials for future recruitment activities; and
    (3) To manage prospective employees and to manage employees after joining JAXA.
  • JAXA shall not use application information for any purpose other than those above nor provide application information to any third party except under the following cases:
    (1) Prior consent has been obtained by the Applicant;
    (2) Disclosure is legally required under laws and regulations;
    (3) The information will be used in the form of statistical data that cannot identify individuals; or
    (4) The information will be provided to a subcontractor with whom JAXA has concluded an agreement prohibiting the subcontractor from using the information for any purpose other than the entrusted business.
  • Any Applicant applying from within the European Economic Area must mail a HARD COPY of a written Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR.pdf

Contact Information

  • Please check our FAQ beforehandpdf
  • For general inquiries;
    Human Resources Office : jaxacareer*jaxa.jp (change * to @)
    Please enter "JAXA Aerospace Project Research Associate Recruitment" in the subject line and send.
  • For specific inquiries about the research theme;
    See the contact information on each research theme site.
  • For e-mail “Consent form for handling personal information based on GDPR”;
    Human Resources Office jaxacareer*jaxa.jp (change * to @)