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Drawing Closer to Space

New Brand JAXA LABEL Released - Becoming a New Tool for Connecting Space and Earth

In May 2022, JAXA started receiving license applications for its new trademark “JAXA LABEL” to be used for products related to the agency's proprietary assets, such as patents, technologies, copyrighted materials and results from joint research. SATO Masaru and INABA Yuuta, who engaged in the new brand development project, gave some relevant details, while sharing their commitment to raising the recognition of JAXA LABEL.

INABA described the background of the new brand, saying, “In 2008, JAXA released JAXA COSMODE, and began to grant the right to use the brand to many business and non-business organizations. While conducting brand development activities, we noticed a number of issues, and decided to create a new brand - JAXA LAVEL - to solve the issues.” Major issues identified with COSMODE were brand devaluation and low recognition. As a measure to overcome these problems, the new brand system has been designed to have a three-category structure, with each named COLLAB, TECH, and DESIGN and coming with a specific logo.

“One of the specific limitations of the previous brand strategy was no appropriate distinction made between products resulting from long-time joint research efforts and products simply using images owned by JAXA when granting the right to use COSMODE. To deal with this problem, we have created three categories for the new brand: 1. JAXA LABEL COLLAB for products resulting mainly from joint research; 2. JAXA LABEL TECH for products developed utilizing JAXA's patented techniques and technologies; and 3. JAXA LABEL DESIGN for merchandise developed utilizing design and materials on intellectual property held by JAXA. This will allow for recognition of the licensing category of products easily at a glance of the logo displayed on each. Clear recognition of the licensing category is expected to help raise the value of the product. We believe the awareness of the brand appearing on the product will help its users feel a sense of attachment to the brand as well as the product.” (SATO)

JAXA LABEL logo by category

The COSMODE brand product lineup includes popular stationery and deodorant underwear items. Based on this previous track record, INABA expressed his willing to achieve further development with the new brand, saying in an eager tone, “we are working to broaden the scope of partnership, especially to consumer sectors, such as foodstuffs and livingware, looking to promote general consumers' awareness of JAXA LABEL used for ordinary household items and arouse their interest in space technologies. I wish to bring exciting user experience to many people.” For this purpose, he is vigorously developing promotion activities and approaching potential new partners.

“The JAXA LABEL logos are designed using a square turning into a cube as a motif. On the official brand webpage, a body of cubes are marching in a uniform fashion while extending and contracting themselves. As suggested by this dynamic movement of cubes, we hope that the space industry and space utilization platforms will be more accessible, and many more people will feel closer to space.” (SATO)

In the near future, you may be able to find a variety of items bearing the JAXA LABEL logo in stores near your home.



SATO Masaru
Business Incubation and Support Division
Business Development and Industrial Relations Department

Born in Niigata City, he has been engaged in a wide range of activities from planning/directing video productions such as commercials and music videos to directing live performances. He has won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the Clio Awards, and the One Show among a host of other awards. His hobby is collecting space-related items.


Business Incubation and Support Division
Business Development and Industrial Relations Department

Born in Niigata (Mr. Kodama was his junior in high school), he helped develop the KIKU-6 and KIKU-8 engineering test satellites and served as Project Manager for the first quasi-zenith satellite MICHIBIKI, Director of the Public Affairs Department, Director of the Strategic Planning and Management Department and Director of the Procurement Department before assuming his current position in April 2020. He is always mindful of balance, rhythm, and change.