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Michael BroemmerJul. 11, 2019 19:50Reply

Excellent Performance in the Touchdown 2 Operation of Hayabusa-2. Congratulations to all involved in JAXA / ISAS. It was great to see this live !

lodayaApr. 10, 2019 14:05Reply

Nicely managed impact, and happy to know that H2 is safe. From the picture it appears that the impact was in the high latitudes. If a landslide occurs at these latitudes, in which direction does the flow happen, towards the pole or the equator? If a decent sized crater is made, is it expected that the exhumed material will have a noticeably different colour, perhaps less dark than the remaining surface? Another question, unconnected with the impact: do spectral data reveal that Otohime Saxum (hope I got the spelling right) has different compounds in its composition from the rest of the surface?

lodayaFeb. 25, 2019 13:56Reply

Congratulations on the touchdown, it seems it went off perfectly even if the target area was small.
Do we have some results from spectrometry on Hayabusa2 about composition of Ryugu?

lodayaOct. 6, 2018 01:18Reply

Events are happening really fast on Ryugu! Congratulations.
Next we have the second sampling rehearsal.
I understand part of the rush is because Ryugu will be going behind the Sun next month.
I guess you would want to maximize the experiments completed by then.
Since Hayabusa2 will be invisible to us then, will it autonomously maintain the 20 km home position?
Are any observations planned then which will be relayed to Earth when communication resumes after several months?
Or does Hayabusa2 just maintain an uneventful watching brief until it comes back into our line of sight?

FB Unser KosmosOct. 2, 2018 11:52Reply

Nur wer kleine Dinge zu schätzen weiß, wird große Dinge erkennen.
Ein kleiner Asteroid im All, eine großartige Leistung für Wissenschaft.

Michael Broemmerreply for FB Unser KosmosOct. 3, 2018 16:01Reply

Nachdem die MASCOT-Landung erfolgreich ablief, kann man als Fan dieser Mission nur hoffen das die 16 Stunden betriebsfähigkeit von Mascot alle erhofften Resultate für die beteiligten Wissenschaftler bringen. Es wird ja bald nochmal sehr spannend, wenn der Mechanismus der Probenaufnahme bei Hayabusa-2 erfolgreich ist und der Rückkehrbehälter seinen Weg zur Erde findet. Wir freuen uns darauf ! Gratulation und Danke an die beteiligten Teams von JAXA; DLR und CENES.

Michael BroemmerSep. 28, 2018 19:17Reply

Many thanks to JAXA and Hayabusa-2 team for the impressive, fascinating pictures of the Minerva-Rover 1A and B. Interesting pictures from the far distance of space for the people on Earth. Impressive miniaturized camera technology Made in Japan! Congratulationsfor these spectacular successes of Micha. I hop for more new scientific findings from Hayabusa - 2 !

Ryan LinSep. 26, 2018 05:43Reply

Hey, I have just heard that your two Hopping Rovers successfully touched the surface!! Very cool, and fascinating, you guys are awesome!!
CONGRATS JAXA, you have given mankind another leap!!

lodayaSep. 23, 2018 13:09Reply

Cheers from Philae, if it were alive, it would surely be cheering. From the bounces, what kind of hardness and temperature information are we getting? Is the surface of Ryugu as hard as that of 67p? Is the second hopper still transmitting from a stationary position? Please do tell us how often data is sent to Hayabusa2 and whether it is in order or has to be aggregated.

lodayaSep. 19, 2018 21:38Reply

The Minerva hoppers seem to be very interesting, with an unparalleled level of autonomous control, that too on the surface of a small body. Looking forward to a completely new perspective on Ryugu.

lodayaAug. 11, 2018 02:47Reply

Since the free fall went further than expected, is Ryugu less dense than expected?
Finding a landing place looks tough, it looks like the maneuverability capabilities of the landers are going to come in handy.
Best wishes.

lodayaJul. 10, 2018 18:03Reply

"Who has been eating my dango?" asked Goldilocks.

Seriously, this is an astonishing find! Can a strike like this result in retrograde rotation?

Hal Lane - NC, USAJun. 29, 2018 02:30Reply

Congratulations on reaching Ryugu! My two grandson's names are on your Hayabusa-2 spacecraft. Will their names be dropped off to remain on Ryugu, or return to Earth after their journey? Thanks for giving my grandsons a great introduction to space exploration, and a lot of excitement!
- Hal Lane

Michael Broemmerreply for Hal Lane - NC, USAJul. 15, 2018 17:59Reply

Hello Hal Lane , on the spacecraft Hayabusa-2 there are two memory chips. A name chip is attached to one of the target markers, wich is discarded and remains on the asteroid Ryugu. The other chip with names and messages is located in the spacecraft`s return container. This lands back to Earth at the end of 2020 with material samples from the asteroid at Woomera / Australia. Many greetings from Michael.

Michael BroemmerJun. 27, 2018 10:43Reply

We are there ! Congratulations on reaching the home station. Now it will be an exciting time, greetings from Michael and his friends from Germany !

lodayaJun. 25, 2018 22:15Reply

I learnt that like Hayabusa1 did for Itokawa, Hayabusa2 will not be in a gravitationally bound orbit of Ryugu but will maintain a parallel heliocentric orbit on its own propulsion.

lodayaJun. 24, 2018 21:05Reply

On 27th or thereabouts does Hayabusa2 go into orbit around Ryugu? If so, would that be the smallest body around which a spacecraft has been in a bound orbit? I tried looking up information on Hayabusa1 and it does not appear to be the case that it was in orbit around Itokawa.

jump jackJun. 22, 2018 16:19Reply

lodayaJun. 22, 2018 01:24Reply

What is the albedo of the bright feature on the pole of Ryugu?

Michael Broemmerreply for lodayaJun. 26, 2018 02:23Reply

Maybe a diffused surface like ice, metallic matter or something similar ? Greetings from Michael.

lodayareply for Michael BroemmerJun. 26, 2018 14:36Reply

Greetings from India, Michael, and thanks for writing back. Hydrated minerals were suggested from Earth-based spectra, better spectral data should soon be available from the spacecraft. From the all-round views, the feature suggests a cliff where the surface has fallen off to expose inner material. Perhaps some of the craters could also be caused by flow of surface material towards the equator rather than by impact.

lodayaJun. 14, 2018 20:39Reply

Congratulations and we are eagerly awaiting better pictures of the "dango" shape. Can Hayabusa2 detect whether Ryugu is rotating?

Michael BroemmerJun. 5, 2018 17:30Reply

Congratulations to the team for ending the forward drive engine operation at Hayabusa - 2. Continue to good luck for the final approach phase at Ryugu. Now it will be very exciting ! Greetings Michael and his friends from Germany.

Michael BroemmerMay. 17, 2018 06:23Reply

Hayabusa - 2 with Lander Mascot sets for the final sprint. All the best for the last 50000 km and a good arrival at the finish - asteroids Ryugu wish Michael and his friends from Germany !

Pietro MaioranaApr. 8, 2018 06:19Reply

Che scoperte, che avventure ci aspettano con Hayabusa2!!
Oltre i cieli dell’avventura viaggia senza paura, come un raggio che ha il coraggio di lasciare il sole dietro se,
per una missione eccezionale sulle strade della scienza.
Tu sai chi vedrai laggiù, più in là del cielo blu, vai e non fermarti mai finché non troverai.
Allacciamo le cinture, viaggiando s'impara!!

AnatoleJun. 25, 2016 21:18Reply

Meilleurs voeux pour un voyage réussi! De vos partisans au Canada.

Vincent.Mar. 15, 2016 09:56Reply

Bravo et merci !

zynqf6reply for Vincent.Mar. 18, 2016 12:38Reply


Drago DragovicMar. 2, 2016 15:51Reply

Good Luck for brave robot! I'm Drago Dragovic, engineer from Serbia. I couldn't wait next news. I feel if the robot is healthy success is guaranteed. GO JAXA!

Na, Sangoh (나상오)Feb. 21, 2016 08:51Reply

하야부사2 의 성공적 도착과 크나큰 과학 정보를 기대합니다 !
Hayabusa2's so nearest fly-by of the Earth is one of the best beautiful journey ! Best wishes from Seoul.
(Although I'm not an astronomist nor a physicist, I sometimes dream to land on Ryugu asteroid with Hayabusa II. I'm a pediatrician, that's why I dream like a baby?)

MichaelJan. 14, 2016 19:55Reply

Russian scientists wish you good luck, guys!

We hope ion engines will not fail this time!

Bryan & JasonDec. 5, 2015 11:26Reply

Love your fly-by of the Earth!! Good luck Hayabusa2!!
Best wishes from Virginia, USA

JerryP75Dec. 4, 2015 07:49Reply

Wishing you all great success on your journey! Hyabusa 2 and the JAEA team.

Elyasaf KosmanDec. 4, 2015 04:51Reply

Good Job Hayabusa 2 and JAXA! this is an awesome and exciting mission you are doing, and I wish you all the luck and success.

shalom and greetings from Israel,


Joaquim SilvaDec. 4, 2015 03:50Reply

Boa Sorte, que este projecto nos traga informações valiosas em prol do futuro da humanidade.

Azoia - Leiria - Portugal

PozzoDec. 4, 2015 03:22Reply

Best of luck to Hayabusa. Hope JAXA becomes a key player in an international consortium of manned space exploration sometimes in the future

joebroDec. 3, 2015 22:51Reply


Tim S. NEPADec. 3, 2015 22:44Reply

May the Force be with you!!! Use the force Hayabusa2!!! :);)L)
Good luck and prayers for a successful mission!!! @--(@)--@
Turn off the cameras and use your third eye. All will be revealed.

Fernando DevechiDec. 3, 2015 22:39Reply

Good Luck, I wish the best for hayabusa2 and JAXA

Following from Brazil

Leon and pappaDec. 3, 2015 20:16Reply

Ganbare Hayabusa ! Good luck !
<3 from Tokyo

Karthik.A ( 3, 2015 15:48Reply

welcome to your home hayabusa2 waiting all the best for jaxa

Oscar Alfredo Castillo TelloDec. 3, 2015 15:00Reply

Felicitaciones,,, gran expedición para explorar y explicarnos los misterios del espacio.Jaxa no hito gambatte kudasai!!!
Omedeto gozamos!!!

Divyadarshan PurohitDec. 3, 2015 14:26Reply

We, friends from India wishes you the grand success of the spacecraft.We are sure it will help to open the door of asteroid vision.It will also help to understand us the solar system more deeply.

Divyadarshan D.Purohit
Gurudev Observatory,

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;ovoi stoicescuDec. 3, 2015 13:39Reply

best of luck on gravity assist from constanta romania

Mark LammasDec. 3, 2015 10:03Reply

Best of luck! Bring me back a bit of Ryugu rock, and take some more of those fantastic Earth photos!

ILikeCatsAlotDec. 3, 2015 07:20Reply

What a great photo of Earth! Best of luck on the gravity assist. From Oxford, England

AnonymousDec. 3, 2015 05:32Reply

Hi their guys. This is Andre from Jeffreys Bay in South Africa.When i was a young guy I always thought about space as an unreachable mysterious place.You guys are in the process of changing that thoughts of mine as a young guy about space to something that is within the reach of us as earthly humans and a place of emense interest,
Thanks for your emense effort and I shall be following your progress with great interest.

Jaume CodinaDec. 3, 2015 04:53Reply

amazing, good luck. It's a great mission. Bona sort!.

Country MikeDec. 3, 2015 03:40Reply

Fly high little dude! Bring me back some of that tasty space rock. You can land in my back yard if you need a place to park.

Donn AversDec. 3, 2015 03:14Reply

Good luck to all on the 3rd.

Marco T., from ItalyDec. 3, 2015 02:13Reply

Best of luck to Hayabusa2 and the experts at JAXA for a successful launch and swing-by maneuver. Everything's going to go great!

Robert ClayDec. 2, 2015 04:03Reply

Best of luck on the manoeuvre and really incredible mission. Will be following progress over the next few years. :-)

MichaelDec. 2, 2015 02:32Reply

i wish you great success, this is an exciting mission!

nathan wayne goebelDec. 2, 2015 00:42Reply

Rock on and bring some of it back LOL ! good luck/ cool

rival rebelDec. 1, 2015 20:52Reply

have a safe trip bring home the bacon

DominiqueDec. 1, 2015 03:40Reply

Thank you for sharing this fantastic journey. We are on your wings. Let us dream. Good luck !
From Grenoble, France

MASCOT Team DLRDec. 1, 2015 03:11Reply

Never again will our Mascot be so close to us. We will stand-by, look up and will give a wave in farewell. Take on your journey, sit tight and be patient. Your big moment will come!

AnonymousDec. 1, 2015 02:24Reply

Fly on Hayabusa 2! Best wishes from Europe.
And I am sure Rosetta and Philae will wave at you on your journey's last hop.
(another Michael from Germany)

Richard FredrickNov. 30, 2015 03:28Reply

Time on the web page is presented as 2015/12/03 19:07 JST which is 2015/12/03 10:07 UTC.

KotaNov. 28, 2015 13:43Reply


Michael BroemmerNov. 27, 2015 17:18Reply

All good wishes for the Swing - by manoeuvre on the 3rd December. It will bring Hayabusa-2 with his Lander Mascot and both Minerva on the exact way to the Ryugu asteroid. My name and my message accompany this impressive mission. I wish a lot of success for Hayabusa-2 and JAXA , greets Michael from Germany.

Jonathan Bernstein reply for Michael BroemmerNov. 30, 2015 03:54Reply

Hayabusa2, you had me at Asteroid Explorer!

keesNov. 13, 2015 03:57Reply

I love the great mission of Hayabusa 2!
Stop whaling would also be great.

Jean-Baptistereply for keesNov. 21, 2015 11:11Reply

Hayabusa, fais-nous espérer en l'intelligence humaine, loin de la bêtise morbide et de la cruauté ! Emporte les rêves de ceux qui sont partis! Fraternité from Paris.

UlrichNov. 12, 2015 06:22Reply

Die Gedanken werden bei Dir sein, Hayabusa 2, im Dezember 2015.
Ich drücke Dir die Daumen !!

VinzeNov. 9, 2015 11:46Reply

Don't stop exploring space, Hayabusa-kun.

Danyel KocaNov. 8, 2015 04:36Reply

Another great expedition to explore space's mysteries! Good Luck Hayabusa2!!
Good Job JAXA, Ganbatte!
Greetings from Turkey

Yuichi TaguchiNov. 7, 2015 08:46Reply


Robert McDonaldNov. 6, 2015 07:00Reply

Let your aim be true, Hayabusa2! Ryugu awaits for you! Good luck Hayabusa2 and JAXA.

Andrew RennieDec. 19, 2014 10:05Reply

Here's hoping that Hayabusa 2 does not suffer the trials and tribulations endured by Hayabusa. We look forward to welcoming the return capsule and its precious samples to Australia in due course.

Na, Sangoh. (나상오) Dec. 10, 2014 20:52Reply

Recently, in everyday night, I go to sleep hoping to dream "if I could fly with Hayabusa2.....". Sometimes it success.

Best luck and best results from Hayabusa2 !

하야부사의 멋진 성공을 간절히 바랍니다.

台灣隼迷reply for Na, Sangoh. (나상오) Dec. 12, 2014 01:06Reply


Yukari MoritaDec. 6, 2014 21:03Reply

God Speed Hayabusa-2 and I await your return with treasures of knowledge! Wish I was riding on you!

James Patrick HowardDec. 6, 2014 02:08Reply

Excellent Job JAXA And Union Country In This Work.

Martin HoeckDec. 5, 2014 05:31Reply

HAYABUSA2 Ganbatte aus Österreich!

MASCOT-OBC Team DSIDec. 5, 2014 05:04Reply

Congratulations on the successful launch and good luck for the mission.
Best wishes from the entire MASCOT-OBC team at DSI, Bremen, Germany.

Almaric LiamDec. 5, 2014 03:59Reply

Congrats for a successful launch! Lets continue taking humanity to a higher level!

PROCYONDec. 5, 2014 01:15Reply


TheAntDec. 5, 2014 01:00Reply

That was a great start so: Best wishes and a safe journey!

Shima ReunionDec. 4, 2014 13:53Reply

Congratulations to the Hayabusa Teams !
We shall follow you and support you in this great new venture !

yasuyossiDec. 4, 2014 07:47Reply


TimDec. 4, 2014 06:41Reply

Best of luck, Hayabusa2! We're all looking forward to hearing from you in 2018.
Take good care of MASCOT!

Greetings from germany. :)

Aromi RafaniDec. 4, 2014 06:13Reply

The falconer will JAXA launched you! Go Hayabusa 2 and capture the prey. Good hunting. (or Italian in the mouth of the wolf).

ベガスの虎Dec. 4, 2014 04:19Reply


Barry BDec. 4, 2014 03:13Reply

Congratulations to all mission and project unknowns who's hard work and expertise have made this possible to this point. I wish i could be part of it in some way, but, im still excited non the less. Take care everyone, God Bless and early Merry Christmas to all from Barry in Saskatchwan Canada

Emily Dec. 4, 2014 01:10Reply

Congratulations! I'm happy to see that you're off to a good start!

FostonPeteDec. 4, 2014 00:05Reply

Well done all those people that made this possible.

NicolasDec. 3, 2014 23:41Reply

I'm super excited for this ambitious project and I wish you guys all the best.
Towards the future, Hayabusa2!
Wishes from Singapore

Alphonso Dec. 3, 2014 21:30Reply

Good luck Hayabusa 2, and congratulations JAXA! Best wishes from Stavanger, Norway

Willie Trotty Dec. 3, 2014 21:12Reply

Congratulations Hyabusa 2. Have a successful journey. Looking forward to the information we will get from you.

DiasJDec. 3, 2014 20:02Reply

Congratulations JAXA. and safe journey HAYABUSA2.
I will be following you from Portugal.

atsukoDec. 3, 2014 18:15Reply


ninaDec. 3, 2014 17:56Reply


Santosh MathwaleDec. 3, 2014 17:30Reply

Congrats & All the best for further Journey From India....!!!!

ともこDec. 3, 2014 17:14Reply


Connie - オハイオ州Dec. 3, 2014 15:39Reply

打ち上げ成功おめでとう!! きれいです!

JuniorDec. 3, 2014 15:10Reply

Good Luck Hayabusa2 from New York, United States!

Planetary ResourcesDec. 3, 2014 15:06Reply

Congratulations on the successful launch from all of us at Planetary Resources! We look forward to the scientific results it will return from 1999 JU3 and the samples it will return to Earth!

MASCOT Team DLRDec. 3, 2014 14:09Reply

We are looking forward for upper stage seperation. Awesome flight so far! :-) HY-2, carry our MASCOT nicely!

boserDec. 3, 2014 13:57Reply

Good luck! And a good traveling throw Space.

JohnDDec. 3, 2014 13:53Reply

Launch looked flawless!, great job JAXA and we wish you the best of luck on the rest of the mission! ┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘Go Hayabusa!!!! o(^_^)o

りこDec. 3, 2014 13:52Reply


Michael MillerDec. 3, 2014 13:48Reply

Congratulations JAXA on the launch from the U.S.. Thank you for your commitment to space and science. Go Hayabusa 2!

nprevDec. 3, 2014 13:40Reply

Beautiful launch thus far! From the US, GO HAYBUSA 2! Go JAXA!

disazaDec. 3, 2014 13:40Reply

Go Hayabusa 2 - and Good luck from Colombia!

Canberra DSNDec. 3, 2014 13:35Reply

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

BenDec. 3, 2014 13:31Reply

Congratulations on a successful launch! Go Hayabusa 2 and JAXA!

PhiferDec. 3, 2014 13:31Reply

Congratulations for a flawless launch, and greetings from Houston, Texas, USA

Michael ClementsDec. 3, 2014 13:29Reply

Excellent launch!! Good luck Hayabusa 2!!

HalleDec. 3, 2014 13:18Reply

頑張って、はやぶさ2!!! We all have so much faith in you! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

GekusuDec. 3, 2014 13:18Reply

You can do it, Hayabusa 2! 頑張れ!

PaulDec. 3, 2014 13:16Reply

Good luck to Hayabusa-II and the JAXA team!

ISDIDec. 3, 2014 13:12Reply

To -everybody- who has made this mission possible, good luck and best wishes for a successful launch and mission. May all your hard work and long hours of waiting be rewarded with new knowledge for all!

Darold HigaDec. 3, 2014 13:06Reply

Good luck Hayabusa 2, have a good flight!

@ObservingSpaceDec. 3, 2014 13:05Reply

Good luck!

Ken HaraikawaDec. 3, 2014 13:05Reply

Good luck to Hayabusa2! May you fare well on your next voyage!

Daniel FDec. 3, 2014 13:00Reply

Lycka till/Onnea/Good luck!

Hopefully Hayabusa 2 and its landers get to claim a spot in the history books by adding to humanities knowledge of our universe. Culminating with a successful sample return in 2020.

boserDec. 3, 2014 12:58Reply

Go for Space!!

Andrew McGrailDec. 3, 2014 12:57Reply

Go Go Go Hayabusa2!
Greetings from Australia.

NaekichiDec. 3, 2014 12:49Reply

Go Hayabusa!!! Good luck!!!
Jaxa brings our dreams to the stars!!
¡¡Hasta pronto Hayabusa!! :D

Wolfgang HoeferDec. 3, 2014 12:49Reply

My very best wishes for a successful mission!

JimDec. 3, 2014 12:45Reply

Wow!! Nice looking Space Port and rocket!!! Good luck from Anniston, Alabama, USA!!

Emilio AburtoDec. 3, 2014 12:45Reply

Good luck Hayabusa 2!

ChristineDec. 3, 2014 12:35Reply

Good luck Hayabusa-2!

AmrizalDec. 3, 2014 12:18Reply

Good luck Hayabusa 2!!
We are always with you!!
greeting support from Indonesia.

CalilDec. 3, 2014 11:25Reply

Good luck to Hayabusa 2. Any sample return mission is a great leap for science and humanity. I hope the entire team finds a way to sleep well in the upcoming pivotal times. I know i couldn't.

rinaDec. 3, 2014 10:24Reply


Lauren Pearlman Dec. 3, 2014 06:57Reply

wishing all good luck to the launch for Hayabusa2. This is very exciting!

Clayton MacLeodDec. 3, 2014 03:21Reply

Bon voyage, Hayabusa 2!

may your flight succeed,
furthering the human spirit,
we'll see you again.

Britt RawcliffeDec. 3, 2014 03:03Reply


Best of luck to Hayabusa 2 and the launch team at JAXA.
I wish you well and hope that one day I may be able to come to Japan to view a launch form the beautiful island of Tanegashima.

We await your return... please have a safe journey to the asteroid!



Haydn LillywhiteDec. 3, 2014 00:51Reply

Good luck Japan and Hayabusa 2!!!

Show us how valuable those space rocks are! Lots of tasty metals!

Davide, Milan, ItalyDec. 2, 2014 22:07Reply

Go Hayabusa 2! Go Japan!
Every Space agency is with you all!
Good luck from Italy, come back home soon :)

Robert GishublDec. 2, 2014 21:46Reply

Hayabusa 1 had many problems to overcome but produced a great scientific return. Let us hope this mission has fewer problems and returns even more science. Best wishes to Hayabusa 2.
Hayabusa 2 Banzai Banzai Banzai
Omedetou Hayabusa 2

PlatoDec. 2, 2014 21:22Reply

If you had a mind Hayabusa 2, imagine the things you could see!

lady_gomDec. 2, 2014 20:04Reply

2010년 하야부사가 별이 되어 돌아오던 날의 감동을 기억하고 있습니다. 하야부사 2도 무사히 돌아오기를 한국에서도 응원합니다. 잘 다녀오세요 !

Michael BrömmerDec. 2, 2014 19:21Reply

Another way, a long time to the asteroid in 1999 JU3 for HAYABUSA-2 with MASCOT and the two MINERVA`s. Good wishes for a successful mission and a lot of new scientific knowledge, a lot of luck !

Maria BiacchiDec. 2, 2014 07:51Reply

Hayabusa 2, Good mission around the space!
I think it as Star Trek!

Karlos AugustoDec. 2, 2014 04:27Reply

Boa sorte e que tudo seja cumprido com perfeição.

Aromi RafaniDec. 2, 2014 03:50Reply

Hayabusa 2 you can as fast a predator bird take data from asteroid 1999 JU3. Fly high.
Good luck. Bon Voyage.

Sandeep GodboleDec. 2, 2014 02:41Reply

To the stardust.
For the Stardust.
By the Stardust.

All the best !

agideDec. 1, 2014 16:17Reply

.....and the stars will be friends and go with you!

AnonymousNov. 30, 2014 03:31Reply

It is all possible JAXA you can do this. Go deeper into space we shall wait for the good news. All the best #HAYABUSA2

MarcJNov. 30, 2014 03:18Reply

ur countdown clock doesnt seem to agree with ur posted launch time

ファン!ファン!JAXA!編集部reply for MarcJNov. 30, 2014 16:41Reply

Thank you for your comment. A "Countdown Clock" will be displayed after the local time on your computer has been confirmed.

Meredithreply for ファン!ファン!JAXA!編集部Dec. 3, 2014 00:12Reply

Count down clock is wrong. It is showing 1:22pm local time as the launch time/date. Please fix ASAP!

Dave Moreau, Memphis TNNov. 29, 2014 21:05Reply

So glad to see your country successfully exploring space. This mission will be extremely valuable to the world's knowledge base. Best wishes for a successful mission! Dave

StuartNov. 23, 2014 06:06Reply

長い旅で皆の夢と希望は「はやぶさ2号」で飛びます。 大宇宙から、新しい知識を見つけて帰りましょう。はやぶさ大成功!

Thomas SiebeNov. 16, 2014 00:18Reply

You shall be our eyes and our hands in order to understand the miracles of the stars !

GavilanNov. 11, 2014 13:15Reply

Following the path of your father,
you seek to expand human knowledge.
Fly for all humanity young falcon;
and safely return with nourishment for our human spirit.

Shankar.CNov. 9, 2014 21:45Reply

Good luck and Godspeed!!!

Keiko TakadaNov. 9, 2014 13:05Reply


Richardo Brown Associates ... Messages From EarthNov. 8, 2014 23:46Reply

Ready to make an Honorable Launch in your Country of Japan. Thank You!

CasperNov. 5, 2014 04:24Reply

You can do this JAXA!

Satomi AokiNov. 4, 2014 20:03Reply

Go Hayabusa go!!

Moses Nov. 4, 2014 18:07Reply

Be a beacon of hope for humanity, Hayabusa 2 !!

Kim M. Herrera, BSN, RNOct. 20, 2014 18:23Reply

Reaching the stars, Exploring space "HAYABUSA 2" (^_^)!

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