Utilizing Space Through Satellites Engineering Test Satellite II "KIKU-2" (ETS-II)

Operation Finished

About Engineering Test Satellite II "KIKU-2" (ETS-II)

KIKU-2(ETS-II) is NASDA's first geostationary satellite launched to acquire data on geostationary satellite launch, tracking and control, orbit maintenance and Attitude Control and to carry out experiments on communication equipment performance in outer space.
Kiku-2 finished its operation on December 10,1990, and left the geostationary orbit.

Major Characteristics

International Designation Code 1977-014A
Launch Date 2/23/1977
Launch Vehicle N-I Launch Vehicle (N3F)
Launch Site Tanegashima Space Center
Weight 130kg
Orbit Geostationary 130deg. E. longitude
Altitude Approx. 36,000km
Orbital Inclination 0 degree
Orbital Period Approx. 24hours
Dimensions Cylindrical D:140cm
Attitude Control Spin-stabilized