Utilizing Space Through Satellites Engineering Test Satellite III "KIKU-4" (ETS-III)

Operation Finished

About Engineering Test Satellite III "KIKU-4" (ETS-III)

KIKU-4(ETS-III) was developed to acquire data for designing earth observation satellites with high power requirements. Also, KIKU-4 completed testing of three-axis Attitude Control, deployable solar panels, movable heat control and ion engine operation. On March 8,1985,Kiku ran out of fuel for the Attitude Control and finished its operation.

Major Characteristics

International Designation Code 1981-012A
Launch Date 9/3/1982
Launch Vehicle N-I Launch Vehicle (N9F)
Launch Site Tanegashima Space Center
Weight 385kg
Orbit 1,000km(alt.) circular/45deg. inclination/107 min. period
Dimensions Box shaped with attached deployable solar panels
Attitude Control Three-axis stabilization