Contact and FAQ Regarding Public Affairs Services

About lending photos/images/image software, applications for facility tours, graduation trips to JAXA, events, lectures, etc.

Do you lend photos or images of rockets?

You can search and view photos and images of rocket launches owned by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on the JAXA Digital Archives web page. High resolution data for various prints are also available.

May I include JAXA photographs or images on my personal Web pages?

The copyrights (and intellectual property rights) of all texts, drawings, images, movies and other materials on the JAXA website belong to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) unless otherwise noted.
JAXA permits the use of JAXA texts, drawings, images, movies and other materials if the purpose of the use is for education, public relations, or information providing, or if the use is within the scope of relevant laws. In such cases, insertion of credits* is required for used texts, drawings, images, movies and other materials.

*Examples of credits in English
"Courtesy of JAXA", ©JAXA

The use of photos or images of specific individuals such as astronauts are not available for use to protect the rights of publicity of that person unless you ask for advance permission from JAXA.
As for JAXA's logo, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) owns its trademark in Japan and in other countries, thus you are not able to use it unless you get advance permission from JAXA.
For the use of materials for the purpose of business or profit-making activities, we strictly prohibit the use without permission from the copyright owner (JAXA). If you want to use our materials for such purposes, make sure to contact us. Please read the site policy and user's guide prior to use.

Amongst images used on JAXA's web site, ones related to an astronaut's on-orbit activities and training at NASA, launches of the Space Shuttle and others related to the Space Shuttle or International Space Station are owned by NASA. Please use these images owned by NASA according to the following guidelines from NASA.

I'd like to know about the distribution of JAXA's publications.

JAXA publishes the bimonthly magazine "JAXA's". This can be picked up from JAXA facilities.
You can also read this magazine on the Internet, but we don't distribute it to any individuals.

Where are JAXA's exhibition sites and what do they offer?

There are many Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) facilities with exhibition spaces and some science museums have corners for JAXA exhibitions. They offer easy-to-understand explanations on the most advanced, high-technology such as the current status of Japanese aerospace research and development, and future technology using video, models, and actual equipment.

What is the schedule for facility open-houses and events at JAXA?

JAXA opens the facilities of each center to the public and provides opportunities for many people to look at the current status of space development through their own eyes. Please refer to the "Tours and Exhibits" page for more information.

Is it possible for us to visit JAXA's facilities for a school study trip or graduation trip?

Yes, indeed. JAXA looks forward to you visiting us. First of all, please call us on the phone and advise when your school wants to visit, about how many children will attend, and what kind of lecture you would like us to give, etc.

Can I request a lecture from JAXA astronauts or engineers?

It is very difficult to respond to your request for lectures by astronauts as their work and training base is in Houston, U.S. Please inquire for further information to the Public Affairs Department, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
However, we do accept requests for lectures or talks by our engineers or other JAXA staff as part of our publication activities in order to deepen the public's understanding of space development.

Can I participate in JAXA's symposia or research reviews?

JAXA holds many research reviews, symposia, etc. We also cosponsor meetings with other organizations. Some of these meetings welcome the general public, and some are exclusively for specialists in a specific field. In some cases, prior application is required or the number of participants is limited. For details, please refer to the information on each event.

Does JAXA publish any books on space development?

Publications on the achievements of JAXA's research and development are available on the Internet.

I'd like to know more about the mascot character, "Hoshinosuke-kun."

Hoshinosuke-kun is the mascot character for "Space Day" born on September 12, 1994.
To celebrate the second anniversary of the establishment of "Space Day", we invited mascot design applications from elementary and middle schools students and a mascot design by Mika Sasaki (3rd grade at middle school at the time) was selected as the official mascot for "Space Day". "Hoshinosuke-kun's" clasped-hands motif is designed to symbolize our desire to continue activities in space in an amicable way for a long time. Please give Hoshinosuke-kun your support to become a broker of peace between humanity, the Earth and space.

Can I watch the launch of the Space Shuttle?

Please look at NASA's web site for details of Space Shuttle launches.

When JAXA announce the launch date of a rocket? Can I watch the launch?

In general, the launch date is announced about one to two months prior to the launch. JAXA issues a press release and also promptly puts that information on the JAXA web site. In order to receive such information without delay, please register your e-mail address with our "Mail Service", or register our "Press Release RSS" to your RSS reader, and then you will receive information promptly and automatically.
For long-term schedules for rocket and satellite launches, please refer to the following page.

For the long-term schedule for rocket and satellite launches, please refer to the following page.

As for watching a rocket launch at Tanegashima, the whole area of Tanegashima Space Center and a 3-km radius from the launch pad will be closed to the public on the launch day, but you can watch it from any spot outside these prohibited areas. The viewing locations given below are the best vantage points, where you can even hear the countdown. Please note that large crowds of people are anticipated to view the launch at these locations.