Kumage-gun, Kagoshima Tanegashima Space Center

Temporary Closure of Exhibition Facility

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, all exhibits are closed from April 7 to May 31.
* Some facilities have different periods. For the usage status of other facilities, please check the web page of each facility.


In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Tanegashima Space Center bus tour will be canceled from Monday, March 2 to Thursday, April 30 ,.

The Tanegashima Space Center (TNSC), is the largest rocket-launch complex in Japan with a total area of about 9,700,000 square meters. Located in the south of Kagoshima Prefecture, along the southeast coast of Tanegashima, it is known as the most beautiful rocket-launch complex in the world.

On-site facilities include the Yoshinobu Launch Complex, a launch site for large-size rockets, Spacecraft Test and Assembly Buildings, and the Spacecraft and Fairing Assembly Building. Using those facilities, a series of operations are performed from assembling launch vehicles, maintenance, inspections, final checks of satellites, loading satellites onto launch vehicles, launches, and tracking launch vehicles after liftoff. The TNSC plays a pivotal role for satellite launches among Japan’s space development activities.


Mazu, Kukinaga, Minamitane-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima 891-3793

Tanegashima Web Camera

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Main Facilities

Yoshinobu Launch Complex

A fully prepared and assembled launch vehicle is transported to a launch pad and loaded with liquid propellant for launch. There are two launch pad for large-scale launch vehicles.

Second Spacecraft Test and Assembly Building

Assembly, tests, and preparations for large spacecraft are performed at this facility.

Takesaki Range Control Center

The command and control of rocket launch operations for all systems are performed at this facility, including launch vehicles, satellites, ground facilities, tracking and weather systems.

Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

VAB is a facility to assemble, outfitting, and inspect a launch vehicle shipped from a factory. At the VAB, two vehicles can be assembled simultaneously.

Tours and Exhibits

JAXA invites the public to visit our cutting edge R&D space facility to help understand our past, present and future programs and challenges. Exhibition locations in the center are categorized according to programs such as launch vehicles and space environment utilization. You can feel and touch the actual space R&D environment, including a life-size launch vehicle mock-up.


Space Museum
Phone +81-997-26-9244
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Open 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed Monday, Tuesday following holidays, and Dec. 28 to Jan .2.
Hours of operation subject to change due to rocket launch or other events.
* Free admission


  • Free parking lot for 43 cars and five large-sized cars.
  • Wheel chairs and baby strollers can enter the exhibition hall.
  • Rental wheel chairs are available (free of charge, but the number of rental wheel chairs is limited.)
  • You can bring your own lunch to eat outside the buildings (only on the lawn area in front of the Space Museum. (No eating is allowed in other areas.)
  • No pets are allowed to enter the Museum.
Open 11:30 - 14:00 (LO: 13:30)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
  • Please note that the cafeteria may be closed due to special holidays, launch days and various events held on the site.
  • In the case of a group more than 10 people using the cafeteria, please give us a call prior to your visit for reservations: 050-3362-3050 (+81-50-3362-3050 from overseas) between 9:00 to 11:00 or 14:00 to 16:00 (JST) on weekdays.
  • All visitors are welcome to use JAXA Cafeteria.

Space Museum

Using full-scale models and games, the exhibits cover various aspects of space development, such as rocket science, satellites, international space-station projects, terrestrial observation, and astronomy :

Full-scale model of the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo"

Enter and experience "Kibo," which is a part of the International Space Station (ISS) project and is now in construction in space with the cooperation of 15 countries. Simulations of experiments in space can be performed on computers.

Space Information Center

Search for information on space development and the cosmos using computers.

Rocket Launch Theater

Experience the moment of lift-off of JAXA's main rocket, the H-IIA, on a large screen with full audio.

Museum Shop

We sell JAXA goods and space-related products. They are suitable for souvenirs.

Tours (Guide tours/Advance booking)

A staff guide will take you around the various site seeing spots at the Tanegashima Space Center, the largest rocket launch site in Japan. These include launch-related facilities and the H-II Launch Vehicle, which was designated as "important historical material on industrial technology (Future Engineering Heritage)" by the National Museum of Nature and Science.

Observation Points

The TNSC is open to the public except when launch and engine tests are carried out. There are observation points for full viewing of launches.

No entry is allowed on launch days.

Rocket Hill Observatory

Views of the Yoshinobu Launch Complex, and the Osaki Launch Complex can be enjoyed from this point. Parking is available

Takesaki Observation Stand

This is the press gallery for media personnel on the day of a launch.

Observation Point of Kamori-no-mine

m this point, there are fantastic views of Cape Kadokura and Yakushima Island far in the distance, as well as the H-IIA Launch Complex and the Takesaki Observation stand. "Kamori" means "Are you home?" in the Tanegashima dialect.

Launching Observation Points

Launches can be viewed from anywhere beyond a radius of three kilometers from the rocket. The following locations are recommended observation points, where the countdown to liftoff can even be heard. Reservations are not necessary, but these areas are expected to be crowded on the day of a launch.

Uchugaoka Park

Maenomine Ground

View of the Uchugaoka Park

View of the launch complex

View of the Maenomine Ground

View of the launch complex

Hase Park

View of the launch complex